Gov. Emmanuel: A Giver that Never Makes Noise (Part 1) – Richard Peters

Every leader has his style of reaching out to people and touching lives positively. Some choose to do it openly for the public to see and applaud, while others choose to do it away from public eyes. Gov. Emmanuel belongs to the latter category where he gives with good intention and not for public attention.

He is from a strong religious background which explains why he pays genuine attention to the biblical injunction of not allowing his left hand to know what the right hand does. I have observed him over the years and can boldly say that Gov. Emmanuel is a giver who doesn’t make noise.

Even before he became governor, Awa village and its environs were always happy beneficiaries of his generous disposition. Wrappers, bags of rice and other items were often distributed in churches, village squares and other designated places to beneficiaries during Christmas celebration and other special events, he has also helped in teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them fish. But he didn’t allow papers to carry the news. If he could do this when he was not in government, is it now that he would abandon such kind gesture?

Like Jesus Christ, each time he performs one miracle or the other, he would tell the beneficiaries not to tell anyone about it, yet those people still went ahead to announce to the people what Christ has done.
This is to say that aside from bringing development into the State, prompt payment of salary, equal distribution of state resources and many other signature projects of His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel has demonstrated an unprecedented level of generosity to both the young and the old. One thing is common with the governor, he doesn’t need cameramen when he wants to give. He doesn’t need your face. You don’t need to belong to his lineage to benefit from his generosity. You don’t need to belong to royalty to gain from his generosity. He blesses people across board, and you won’t find it on pages of newspaper. This is a level of maturity that is very rare, especially among 21st century leaders.

You that keep saying Gov. Emmanuel does not give, have you reached out to him and he turned you down? Is it possible to give to everyone? Are you assuming that since he has not given you, then he is not a giver? How irrational this reasoning sounds. Does it mean that because you have not been to Dubai, there is nothing like Dubai? This reasoning is illogical, baseless and untrue.

One should also know that a leader may not be able to reach out personally to everyone. This is a perfect definition of impossibility. But he has equally placed people in positions to help others. Ofcourse, that is why he appoints his cabinet members and other aides that will hitherto connect the government to the grassroots.
The question as to whether the people appointed by the governor has been able to drive home the message of the governor to the grassroots rest on them to answer.

One thing I know about Gov. Udom Emmanuel is that he is a responsive leader who ensures that messages or requests made by people are attended to. He personally reads mails and messages and treats them accordingly. Although some people who have benefited from the Governor’s milk of Kindness may somehow choose not to tell the world that he (Gov. Emmanuel) is a giver for obvious reasons, but I have chosen to tell the world that I have benefited from Gov. Emmanuel’s act of generosity several times, although I have not met him before.

Are we expecting the governor to announce to the whole world that he has given money to people? No! It is the people that benefited from his generosity that should have done that but sad enough, those people are afraid, perhaps they are paying recourse to what transpired during the last administration, whereby 70% of people that announced they got money from leaders were either kidnapped, killed or robbed. The current House of Reps Member for Uyo Federal Constituency Hon. Mike Enyong was a victim.

Nature won’t forgive me if I fail to state emphatically that Governor Udom Emmanuel has been a blessing to me, millions of people, churches and the state.

He doesn’t waste money. He abhors reckless spending. His givings are not majorly for funfare. He gives purposefully.

Don’t join those who believe that life is all about food and drink to say what is not correct. There is more to life than receiving gifts. If you still think that the governor does not give, please start giving, for it is more blessed to give than to receive.