Ministry of N’Delta Affairs: A Causal Note of Advise to Senator Akpabio

In view of the recent happenings in Nigeria as regards to the nomination, screening, inauguration and assigning of portfolios to ministers that forms the new phase of the federal executive council, the display of joy by groups of people and also by the handlers of social media, therefore, I choose to voice out my opinion as usual and this time an advise to Senator Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs. It is my concerned that alot of considerations should be given to the character inherent in a person before giving him or her power, but unfortunately the reverse has been the case of recent since the inception of President Muhammadu Bubari.

Senator Godswill Akpabio, the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State and former Senator representing Ikot Ekpene senatorial district happened to be one of Buhari’s cabinet member, although it was rumored that he bought lobbied for the position with billions of naira and I can’t but wonder what the future of our dear country Nigeria will be.

History may not forget that Senator Akpabio aside some of his records of being good is also man known for always making a boastful and sometimes daring words and once he put his mind on a particular thing, he does not mind whatever it takes and whoever it will affect, he goes for it at any length to get, some people believes that he would not mind if those standing on his way are eliminated.
He also believes in the notion of “what money cannot do, more money can do” and I usually see this as a myopic and a bribe based mind-set, how then can the fight against corrupt practices in Nigeria come to an end. This is the reason I always averred that APC is nothing but a bunch of people deceiving themselves.

A quick recap to some of his destructive utterances during the last election.
He said “ if Governor Udom Emmanuel should win the election, my head should be cut off and that if he dies, he should not be buried in Ukana, Essien Udim”. He did not just stop at making provocative utterances he went as far as promising warsaw, various reports has it that “he held some electoral officers in hostage, forcing them to sign some of the result he wrote by himself, thereby creating a sense of insecurity in Essien Udim LGA, and some local government areas around Ikot Ekpene senatorial district. We all know how Senator Godswill Akpabio ordered his boys to beat up foreign election observers, TVC reporters and it is certain that Akwa Ibomites cannot forget those things

in a hurry as it is still fresh in our hearts.

The congratulation of Senator Akpabio as he heads the ministry of Niger Delta Affairs by people are actually in order, however I’ll not be in a hurry to send a congratulatory message or send my warm happy wishes to Senator Godswill Akpabio immediately, this doesn’t mean that I have anything against him or that I’m sad over his new political position. I’ll rather Advice and make suggestions to him as a priest and a good governance advocate.

In as much as Senator Akpabio has pledged to ensure development of Niger Delta region, I want him to use the ministry as a reconciliation ministry. That as far possible should try to reconcile with the people of Akwa Ibom that were hurt and disappointed over his provocative words in time past. Assumption won’t work here, do the right thing.

Akpabio should most importantly use that ministry to honour God. Recall that Senator Godswill posed himself as demigod, whereas he was a mere mortal and never God, he should not forget that Our God is a jealous God and that He will not share His glory with any man. He should retrace his steps from doing evil and make his ways right with God. A clear story of Nebuchadnezzar should serve him as a point to ponder on.
The new office as a minister of Niger Delta Affairs should be used to the Glory of God and make positive impact not his usual show of force and fight for supremacy.

Let me finally charge him to always look out for the welfare of the Akwa Ibomites, a sincere partnership with selected and elected officers from the State for the betterment of the people. It is the least he can do for them.

Conclusively, God has given him the second chance and he is aware of it owing to fact that he compulsorily retired himself and since he couldn’t hold the shame decided to use money to buy his way back into the corridors of power, Therefore he should use his new office well to the glory of God. He should right his wrongs and leave a positive and long lasting impact in the life of his people and he might not have a better chance should he fail this time.

Don’t forget;

Richard Peters
Good governance advocate