Akwa Ibom Cleric wants Senator Akpabio charged for contempt and misconduct in the court

A fiery cleric in Akwa Ibom State, Rev Richard Peters, an African church Priest has frown about Senator Akpabio’s conduct at the election petition tribunal in Uyo.

The Priest who is equally a Good Governance advocate want concerned legal practitioners to file charges against Senator Akpabio, he took the reaction to his Facebook page with the name “Rev’d Richard Peters” Read what he wrote “There are conducts expected of a judge, counsel, complainant, defender as well as the observers in the court of law especially before, during and after a court session.

As someone who craves time to follow the different sittings at the tribunal with particular interest to the petition between Akpabio vs Ekpenyong and Nsima vs Udom, I watched with great dissatisfaction the way and manner Senator Godswill Akpabio and Obong Nsima Ekere conducted themselves while in the court, they have turned the court of law, a temple of Justice and equity into a comedy show house, a campaign ground and a place to seek relevance.

Yesterday was a day Akpabio and Ekpenyong adopted their written addresses, while the session was ongoing, Senator Akpabio walked into the tribunal with his supporters shouting to the top of their voices and the proceeding was definitely interrupted for some minutes by that singular act.

To me, I feel that Senator Akpabio a former Governor, a retired lawmaker and a supposed lawyer a has abused the doctrine of the court and this in legal terms amounts to contempt of the court, of course is an offense in the eyes of the law.

Note that this is not the first time he exhibits this total disregard to the norms of the court or is the court of law now a place to constitute nuisance?

I expected the trail judge to warn him through his counsels but my expected was however taken to the opposite.

This is why I urge the men of the legal profession to file a case of contempt of court against Senator Akpabio.

I’m Richard Peters
I Good Governance Advocate.”