Nsima vs Udom: The Ignorance of APC Media Hirelings

Richard Peters.

I wonder why the media agents of the Akwa Ibom APC always take pleasure in publicly embarrassing themselves and by extension Nsima Ekere’s weakness in gathering enough facts to justify his petition before the tribunal.

How they choose to display their ignorance over the request made by the Counsel to the respondent on Monday 29th July 2019 wherein the learned counsel “notified the Tribunal of the delays in the sorting of salient materials received from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which they intend to tender in court.”

According to them, “the materials numbering about 7,000 must be properly aligned and will be tendered through witnesses, instead of the practice of tendering through the bar, which may eventually amount to dumping of evidence on the court.” They “prayed for the records of proceedings to aid in the defence and sought an adjournment to Wednesday July 31, 2019 to open their case.”

For clarity the petitioner(Mr. Nsima Ekere) has closed his case and the respondents( Governor Udom Emmanuel, PDP and INEC) had to open their case, starting from the first respondent.

Counsel to the first respondent, Chief Assam Assam SAN, requested from the tribunal a little time in order to be able to gather their documented evidence inter alia to open their case, does not in any way amount to lack of preparedness as being circulated by the APC.

In fact the request for a very little time to tidy up vital documents is even a sign of preparedness, is a sign that the legal team knows what it is doing, they don’t want to rush and open their case.

Lawyers need time to do what they want to do in the best interest of the person(s) they stand for, and any lawyer that pleads for a short time to tidy up his case is a good lawyer and it is not strange for a brilliant lawyer to seek for time to present his case.

If you could recall, Nsima Ekere and APC were the once that were not prepared because they were busy filling applications to amend their petitions. In my layman’s knowledge in law when you file for amendment of a case it means that your case was not properly filed.
To an ordinary man, amendment means to repair a damage, what were they repairing? Can you repair what is good?

But for a man who says “my Lord with the greatest respect we will need a very short time for us to complete the sorting of our documented evidences and open our case” and some people who claimed to be intelligent foolishly underrating such a man, that kind of a man should be feared because when he turns back you are finished.