-Ekemini Usoro

A forensic expert, Edidiong Ofonime Udoh has told Senator Godswill Akpabio at the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Uyo, that he can not lay claims to being a woman.

Udoh, who is Senator Chris Ekpenyong’s eight Witness, vehemently faulted the video Exhibit tendered and showcased by Akpabio’s media aide, Anietie Ekong, saying there is not a proof to show that the Petitioner was accredited and had voted in the February 23, 2019 National Assembly elections.

The Witness told the Tribunal that the only hand without a face shown in the video for accreditation is that of a woman. He identified cortex on the fingers and the photo on the PVC handled by the INEC Staff with a card reader as belonging to a woman.

“From my observation, the hand was that of a woman. After accessing the video numerous times, I took a still shot of that scene and did analysis. The hand next to the card reader has cortex on the fingers.

“Still on that scene, you could see that whoever was the INEC Staff that stood there to hold the PVC of the person held one that has the picture of a woman. That couldn’t have been the hand of Senator Akpabio” Udoh said

The ferensic expert floored Ekong, who had earlier told the Tribunal that the banner in his video Exhibit was that of 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

“The banner has February 16 and March 2 as dates. A paranomic view, that is the full view of the whole building later in the video does not show the banner anymore. This means that different videos were merged together to proof a point.” Udoh submitted

Udoh also told the Tribunal that it is not possible for a five-hour video to be compressed to five minutes without cut-outs and cut-ins, as claimed by Ekong, submitting that the evidence was seriously edited and tampered with.

“In paragraph 8 of your witness statement on oath, you said the video was seriously edited and tampered with. Is that correct?” Umoh

“Yes” Udoh

“That means there are cut-ins and cut-outs?” Umoh

“Yes” Udoh

“Is it possible to compress a 5-hour video to five minutes without information being lost?” Umoh

“No. It is not possible” Udoh

“All what you have said, you would have demonstrated them if you were allowed to play the video?” Umoh

“That would have been better” Udoh

“That is very important to note My Lord because he is giving an oral evidence over his documented evidence” Umoh

Counsel to Akpabio, Sunday Ameh, who rose to confuse the witness on Cross Examination met brick wall.

“In all your witness deposition, you did not mention that the video is a merger of many videos”, Ameh quipped.

“I did not mention because I had already stated in that same deposition that the video was seriously edited and tampered with,” Umoh dismissed.

While being led in evidence by Counsel to INEC, Robert Emukpoeruo, another Witness, Corper Geraldine Okpashi said elections did not hold in seventeen out of twenty units in Okon Ward 8, Essien Udim local government area, due to hijacking of materials.

“In paragraphs 6 and 7 of your Witness Deposition, you indicated that results for seventeen polling units in Okon Ward 8 were cancelled due to hijacking of materials excluding 3 units where elections held”, Emukpueruo asked?

“Yes” Okpashi

“Confirm on Voters Registers for Okon Ward 8 that designated boxes for accreditaion were not ticked” Emukpueruo

“Yes, they are not ticked” Okpashi

“You would agree that absence of ticking is an indication that the results on P489-P508 are not scores returned by accredited voters and absence of tickings for accreditation are consistent with hijacking of materials” Emukpueruo

“Yes. I confirm and I agree” Okpashi

She further revealed through Solomon Umoh’s Examination that Presiding Officers were forced to write results in favour of the APC.

“You would agree that Figures of results on Exhibit P544 are out of those materials they hijacked in Exhibits P489-P508” Umoh

“I agree” Okpashi

“I put it to you that figures on pages 6 and 7 of Exhibit R253 except 3 units where elections were held, are inconsistent with entries on P489-508”, Umoh asked.

“That’s correct” Okpash answered.

“It is because of the hijacking, writing of results and your report that led to cancellation of results” Umoh furthered.

“Yes My Lord” said Okpashi.

“My Lord, when a woman is pregnant by hijacking, she is delivered of the baby by cancellation of results. That would be all for this Witness” Umoh

On Cross Examination, Counsel to petitioner, S. Ameh presented the witness with Exhibits to show that the PDP won in units that elections were cancelled but Okpashi maintained as stated in her deposition, that results were written in favour of the APC, adding that she is very sure she was not present when Ameh’s documents were manufactured.