#PoliceArrest Two Clergies For Torturing And Poisoning Five Kids In Oruk Anam, Akwa Ibom State.

A lady pastor, and overseer of Zion Peace Church, in Ikot Obong Akan, Oruk Anam Evangelist Mary Smith Udo and her guest prophet, Senior Prophet Iniobong have been arrested by the police in Mkpat Enin for torturing five children and coerced them to eat poison in their church.
The children were labelled witches and wizards by the church in different prayer sessions and were said to have undergone different layers of wild and horrific deliverance.

Video of poisoned ‘witch’ children in Akwa Ibom State

One of the children said he was supposed to take the common entrance exams this year but was not allowed by the stepmother who insisted that he must be cleansed of the “witches’ spell”
“I told her I’m not a wizard, she beat me and the pastor burned machetes in the fire when it became red, she used it to burn me and other children,” 10 years old Ubong said.

The children numbering about ten have been in the church for several months without going to school. Five of them who denied that they were witches were given poisonous leaves to eat which made them dizzy and forced them into a state of coma.
“The woman brought sticks and began to hit us in addition to the machetes burns she gave us and told us to eat the poisonous leaves. When I ate the leaves a few minutes later my eyes began to turn and I slept off. I didn’t know myself again” a 13-year-old Ndiana told the police.

A volunteer with CRARN, Mr. Mbuotidem Jerome reported the incident to the police in Mkpat Enin local government and the police went quickly and, effected their arrest.
The overseer of the church, Evangelist Mary Smith Udo and her co-accomplice who is her guest pastor from Oron, Prophet Iniobong Evans have confessed to the police to have carried out the gruesome torture and poisoning of the children in their church.
Interestingly, too, the parents of two of the children, Mr/Mrs Anthony Emmauel from Mkpat Enin have also been arrested. Their stepmother Edidiong Anthony Emmanuel was the mastermind of their stigmatization and torture.

This is an ongoing phenomenon and we have told the police that the case should be tested in the court to serve as a deterrent as the child’s rights law enacted by the state government isn’t for fun.

Sam Itauma
Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN.net)