NAPPDRR Petitions Gov. Udom Emmanuel, Agitates for Creation of #AKSOMPADEC

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Governor Udom Emmanuel
Effects of oil spill in Akwa Ibom

By Ime Ben.

The Network Advancement Programme for Poverty and Disaster Risk Reduction, NAPPDRR has been constrained to once again, bring to the fore, the traumatized condition of the people of the oil producing areas of Akwa Ibom State whose sad condition, it said, can only be addressed by the establishment of the Akwa Ibom State Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission, AKSOMPADEC.

The NGO, in a petition dated 6th May, 2019, addressed to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State and signed by its President, Hon. Emem Edoho, Programme Officer (operations), Ime Robson and the Programme officer, Eyo Ikot, lamented that every palliative so far applied has failed to permanently address the mounting problems of the areas, which has subjected the people to grave poverty, heart bleeding misery, desperation and unrestrained agitation.

NAPPDRR in the letter, stressed that “it certainly cannot be a misplaced agitation as other Oil Producing States in the country have benefited greatly in putting up such institution in place to effectively address the over bearing burdens on the people of the oil producing areas.

” we are not making over statements here, but want to remind His Excellency the Executive Governor of our dear State, an indigene of the area under reference that the people have practically nothing to show after their natural resources have been exploited for about half a century now, while they are submerged in abject poverty and painful neglect.

“the heart bleeds when one notices that the occupational mainstay of the people of the areas which is fishing has been systematically destroyed. The biodiversity of the entire areas have equally disappeared because of the oil producing activities and unceasing pollution of the areas by ever occurring oil spillages.

“we have therefore, come to the conclusion that without institutionalizing this body (Akwa Ibom State Oil M

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