Activist in Nigeria Begins #HIVchallenge

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A right activist and journalist in the Delta State of Nigeria Mr Fejiro Tega Oliver has challenged friends around the world to feel free to go for HIV test and post their HIV status online.
Mr. Oliver made the challenge on Monday when he posted a certified copy of his HIV test result which showed negative (-).

“Are you HIV free? 
Let’s protect each other by knowing our status
This is my result done today 
#HIVchallenge…” Oliver stated.

His challenge has been greeted with mix reactions.
One of the responders, Mr Johnson Musa stated that HIV/AIDS was not the only disease that was ravaging human lives around the world and mostly Africa. He said that cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure were some of the devastating diseases that were silently killing people in their numbers.

“Unfortunately for African people. You talk more on HIV and leave diseases that kills people more often than HIV. Where is the cure for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure?people are comfortable living with them and stigmatising HIV carriers. 
HIV patients now are safer than diabetic patients and cancer. 
While we preach for early detention, we must preach against stigmatising people living with it. 
The world has won the war on HIV. Hence we are all encouraged to have our selves checked early” Mr. Musa averred.

While many welcomed the challenge, some saw it as a private issue that should remain private whether positive or negative.

But Mr. Udofia Mfon-Abasi commended Mr Oliver and called on him to go for blood donation and as impure blood was on the rise.

“My brother you need to donate blood to save a life. What about hepatitis B and C, with VDRS they are important too pls get to know it.”

As at the time of filing this report, no one was yet to take up the challenge. 
It would be recalled that a few months ago when the ten year picture challenge came on board, millions of online users took up the challenge and showcased their photos old and new.
As one responder puts it: why are people not taking up this challenge? Whether negative or positive it doesn’t matter. It is steal a result and good challenge.

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