#AfricanChurchCrisis Deepens as Primate Rejects Car, House and N20m Bribe

…Arch Cathedral Threatens Primate’s Family

Priscilla Christopher

The last is yet to be heard of the ongoing internal crisis rocking The African Church. The latest is the rejection of a Prado Car, a House worth N31m and a fat sum of N25m bribe by the Church’s Primate, His Eminence (Dr.) Emmanuel Udofia, from some members of the Church management for him to go.

Platinum.ng had previously reported that the crisis starting cooking after the Church’s management in its 2018 meeting, issued a retirement notice to the Primate, urging him to vacant office in May, 2019.

The Primate, in his reply to the notice had said that his retirement will be due in 2024, adding that the present constitution of the church which was amended in his regime by the general committee/conference – the highest decision making body of the church – does not apply to him, and that the apex church conference had said that he is not bound by the amended constitution.

Reports reaching our newsdesk has it that the Yoruba speaking members of the management committee, headed by the lay president, Engr Odufuwa and the former lay president Evang Olubukunola Okunowo are the key agitators for the removal of the Primate.

An inside source in the Church who spoke on the condition of anonymity disclosed that the Primate rejected the bribe offered him on grounds that it is against his beliefs and that of the Bible to collect the said items and renege his faith and calling.

“What will I tell God when I get to heaven?” the Primate is quoted to have said.

Our source stressed that the Primate insisted that he still has the passion to preach the gospel to people and would not accept the offer because of the greed of few Yoruba-speaking members of the Church.

Our source disclosed further that the interest of the Yorubas was hinged on the fact that they wanted their candidate to assume the office of the Primate before he reaches the 60-year-old retirement limit according to the new constitution that was hurriedly amended just to fight him.

“They are looking for every way possible to force the Primate to retire so that their son can answer Primate before he retires”, our source disclosed.

Our source explained that the Primate’s administration became threatened after the Church’s constitution was amended to reduce a Primate’s retiring age from 65 to 60 years. “But this was not to affect the sitting Primate, it was meant for successive Primates”, our source said.

The tussle which has been described by the Niger Delta members of the Church as being out of greed and tyranny has resulted in factions, with members taking sides with their preferred party.

Our source reports that in the 118 years of the African Church’s existence on earth, the Yorubas have held the seat of the Primate for 108 years.

“For the first time a non-yoruba will become the Church’s Primate, they are now bringing all sorts of sentiments”.

“sequel to this, the Niger-Delta members of the Church have resisted the Church’s management and passed a vote of no-confidence on it, that if they go ahead in imposing the retirement age on the Primate, they will come-out from the national body and operate as a separate entity”.

“Already, the Arch Cathedral has threatened that from May 31, 2019, if the Primate does not vacate the office, he should consider his life and that of his family as being in danger”, our source said.

A Yoruba Bishop of the Church who also spoke on the pressing issue noted that “one of the persons fueling the crisis in the Church is one Evangelist Olubukunola Okunowo, a former lay President and member of the Ogboni confraternity whose family do not attend the Church with him because of his spiritual uncleanliness. His wife is an Assistant Pastor in the Redeemed Church and his children are in other churches seeking safety from their father’s antics.