– Ubong David

It is unfortunate that the APC leadership haven’t learnt any lesson from their past mistakes. Before the inauguration of the 8th Senate, the APC leadership led by Bola Tinubu wanted to install his puppet, Sen. Ahmed Lawan as Senate President but a smart Sen. Bukola Saraki with his loyalists formed an alliance with PDP Senators to emerged the Senate President against the decision of his party. All plots by Bola Tinubu and APC to remove Saraki failed woefully. They initiated many court cases against him but as a smart politician, he defeated them in all their plots even at the CCT.

The worst that has happened to APC was when they lost two most sensitive positions of Senate President and Speaker, House of Representatives to the opposition party. Despite the several threats from APC National Chairman, Adam Oshiomhole to remove Saraki from the Senate President seat, all to no avail and till date, Saraki and Dogara still remain Senate President and Speaker of House of Representatives respectively and will remain so till the end of the 8th National Assembly.

From yesterday event where APC again adopted Sen. Ahmed Lawan as Senate President to succeed Bukola Saraki, it seems APC hasn’t learnt any lesson from their past mistakes. It is reported that Sen. Ali Ndume who is also aspiring for the No.3 political office in the country had already kicked against the decision of his party APC to have adopted Sen. Lawan against the Constitutional provisions which give room for members of the National Assembly to elect their own leaders. With this development, one can say that all is not well with the camp of APC as they cannot produced a Senate President without support from the opposition party. There are indications that Sen. Ndume may give a fierce fight as the position is still open for other contenders. My fear is that what happened in 2015 may not repeat itself in 2019. APC as a party must learn how to manage their victory and always put their house in order or else they will lose out of fielding their favoured Candidate for the exalted position.