Man #ImpregnatesMadWoman, Caught Red-handed Satisfying Himself

A young man has been caught having sex with a woman believed to be mentally challenged in *** Nigeria

An eyewitness said the man, simply known as Edwin and believed to be in his late twenties had been cornering the woman in the nighttime and making a love affair with her.

“Edwin, a zesco worker was arrested for sleeping with a mentally ill lady.
Edwin has being taking advantage of her situation,and this is not the first time of sleeping with her and behold the mad lady is currently two months pregnant.” The woman who pled anonymity said.

But in a sharp reaction, the woman was heard saying repeatedly, “Leave my husband alone. He is not the only one”
A woman who leaves close to where the woman usually camps after loitering in the day said she’d seen other men taking advantage of the woman too but presumed it was normal since the woman was an adult.