#CryWolf: How Cowardly Stupid is Akpabio? By Edidiong Udobia

By now, most of you must have already known that I am not a fan of Godswill Akpabio; I’ve never been and I don’t intend to be. There has never been a time the former governor struck me (even in the slightest way) as an honest person. In all of the time I have known him, Akpabio has been an embodiment of pretence. I remember, at the tail end of his administration, while discussing with my colleagues in the newsroom, I often jokingly said; “no story will give me more pleasure to write than Akpabio’s arrest. Imagine my camera capturing Akpabio on handcuffs”.

I had long given up on that wish until a few days ago, when I watched Godswill Akpabio lament on national TV about the current Akwa Ibom REC, Mr. Mike Igini. Ever since leaving office as governor, Akpabio has whined a lot, but his doleful wail over Mr. Igini, has been the single most revealing sign of defeat in Sen Akpabio. “Though INEC is independent, some of its officials are not. Like in Akwa Ibom, there is an unholy alliance between the PDP government and the REC, which if not checked, will not allow for a free and fair election in the state”, Akpabio said while addressing a press conference after the APC NEC meeting.

For a man who pocketed a certain Austin Okojie, who was the REC in 2015, to now be complaining about “an unholy alliance” between the REC and the state government, is the worst form of cry wolf. It can be recalled that Okojie was compromised by Akpabio to the extent that the former state REC was allegedly lodged in Davok Hotels, Ewet Housing, throughout the 2015 elections. In his ‘made in China’ cowardice, Akpabio and his fellow cohorts in APC, sponsored a handful of misguided youths to protest against the REC. Again, I like to remind us that in 2015, the then APC governorship candidate, Umana Umana personally led other APC leaders in the state on a protest to the INEC office. Like a rotten apple, Akpabio’s cowardice has spoilt whatever courage was left in the APC. It is now the national chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole speaks for Akwa Ibom APC.

With all that the former governor is currently going through, I’m now begging God to forgive me for wishing for something to little when there was so much more. INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu has confirmed that Igini is staying in Akwa Ibom as far as the allegations against him have not been proven. Akpabio can choose to boycott Saturday’s election. But in case he decides to continue in his cowardice by sponsoring people to disrupt the elections, President Buhari’s ‘one ballot box, one bullet’ promo is open to people across party lines.

“Final Obongowo” idék.