The Irony of APC orchestra at INEC office

By Emem Edoho

It baffles me to witness the energy and resources deployed by the APC in Akwa ibom to press , lobby or intimidate INEC chairman , Prof Yakubu to hurriedly transfer the Akwa ibom state REC, Dr. Mike Igini, simply because the man had refused to acquiesce to their devilish plots to rig the general elections in favor of APC in Akwa ibom state. Its totally scandalous that having failed in their evil plots, they now hired hungry , unemployed youths to stage a protest at the INEC office against a man adjudged internationally as epitome of integrity, uprightness, and transparency as far credible election is concern.
To this end, it is our candid opinion to advise the INEC chairman to ignore this paid protesters and their orchestra . APC in Akwa ibom has come to the brickwall. No room for rigging in the state. Hence, the hullabaloo. For the first time the electoral officials have rejected offers of bribes from a major political party. It calls for celebration that indeed, a new Nigeria is beginning to evolve. Ahamdullilah.