The Remaining APC Pillars in Oro Nation Have Fallen, As Edunam, Efretuei Join PDP …Vow To Return Udom To Hilltop Mansion

By Mega Times News

Two former governorship candidates of the All Progressive Congressive (APC) in Oro Nation, Dr Effiong Udunam and Dr Edet Efretuei today declared support for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor Udom Emmanuel for his second term bid even as they churned out thousands of their supporters to the PDP.
Speaking in a PDP rally in Orue Offong/Oruko local government area, Dr Edunam said the Oro Nation can no longer be part of the failure that is synonymous with APC as all the stakeholders in Oro have decided to pitch their tent with PDP and Governor Udom Emmanuel.
The APC chieftain and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate averred strongly that there was no hope for APC and their candidate in Oro Nation as a whole and vowed to vote Governor Udom and all PDP candidates.
“Let it be known that the entire Oro Nation has taken sides with Udom Emmanuel in the 2019 election. There is no reason for Oron to hold back because if anyone hoped for dividends to come from the other Party, such hopes have been dashed.” Edunam said.

Another APC gubernatorial candidate in the Oro Nation, Dr Edet Efretuei said it was over for any tiny little hope that was left for the APC in Oro Nation. He said that anyone who was still thinking that APC has a shred of hope in the area was living in illusion and needed to wake up from his dream.

He thanked Governor Udom Emmanuel for his industrialisation drive and for according Oro Nation its pride of place in his government as well changing the landscape of Oro through tarring of roads, the building of hospital and schools.

“There is nothing wrong for anyone to live in a dream world. As for this election, the entire Oro has decided to follow the right part which is Udom Emmanuel and the PDP…” Dr Efretuei maintained.