The Hypocrisy of #FraudulentBuhari And The Ganduje’s Endorsement

By Inibehe Effiong

Governor Samuel Ortom is an incumbent governor but is under intense probe by the EFCC. He also enjoys immunity.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is another incumbent governor that the EFCC is investigating; in his own case, the Commission went further in their probe by specifically mentioning the governor’s name in a criminal charges filed against Mr. Paul Usoro SAN, the President of the NBA.

Ayo Fayose as a sitting governor was thoroughly probed. His personal accounts were frozen and his properties temporarily forfeited.

I supported the actions taken against the three governors above. I wrote a legal opinion in support of the freezing of Fayose’s account. The Court of Appeal judgement aligned with my views on the matter.

Tell me why I should not be disgusted by the criminal double standard this government has demonstrated in the case of Governor Ganduje who was caught on tapes receiving bribes?

Suddenly, those who hate due process and rule of law are telling us that Ganduje enjoys immunity under the Constitution.

The Supreme Court of Nigeria in the celebrated case of Inspector General of Police v. Chief Gani Fawehinmi held that immunity does not cover investigation.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who claims to be fighting corruption started by defending his party man, Ganduje. Buhari even questioned the credibility of the technology used.

Buhari endorsed Ganduje and some people whose sense of judgment is devoid of logic, are telling us that Buhari had no choice. That is a lie

Buhari had a choice. He could have campaigned in Kano without Ganduje. He could have refused to raise his hands even if for symbolic a reason. But Buhari endorsed him and went further to tell his supporters that Ganduje enjoys immunity.

This government is evil and those seeking its return are enemies of the republic. They are not interested in a better Nigeria.

It is only a double-face hypocrite that will accuse members of the opposition of corruption and at the same time continue to make stupid excuses for Buhari’s nepotism and crass hypocrisy.

– Inibehe Effiong