CJN Onnoghen’s Removal: Impeach Buhari Now

The End of Another Despot is Nigh 
By Osondu Ahirika

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On September 18, 2009, erstwhile Dictator of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf , who transmuted to a civilian autocrat, suspended and removed the Chief Justice of Pakistan and sacked three supreme court judges in that brazen and injurious attack on the Judiciary.

That unconcionable act by Musharraf was vehemently resisted by the Bench of Pakistan , the civil society and other Political parties leading to the political crisis that toppled Musharraf.
Before he bowed to intense pressure and resigned ahead of impeachment proceedings ,
Farooq Naek, the law minister, reinstated three judges, but the government did not restore the outspoken Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudry, seen as a symbol of resistance to Musharraf.
The fact of the matter is, the moment, this tyrant toyed with the Judiciary, his end became a matter of time.

Like his ilk elsewhere, President Buhari has bitten more than he can chew by attacking the very conscience of our Democracy .

The illegal suspension of the CJN Walter Onnoghen and the unilateral swearing in, albeit, unconstitutional appointment of the Honourable Justice Ibrahim Tanko will not stand. 
President Buhari must reverse this flargrant abuse of the very constitution he swore to defend or face impeachment proceedings forthwith. Nigeria cannot afford to be railroaded back to the dark era of impunity, despotism and jackboots administration.

I call on the Nigerian Bar Association to rise to the occasion and resist this evil affront and aggression on the Nation’s judicial system.

The Bench should wholly isolate and ostracize this desperate contrivance, fashioned against the grundnorm of what makes for a civilized socio political conversation and Nation building. 
This is the beginning of the end. We survived General Sani Abacha. We will survive General Buhari.

Image may contain: 4 people