Beyond Packaging, Buhari Needs Urgent #PsychiatricTreatment

My dad had dementia till he passed on 2 years ago. So did my uncle who passed on in 2009. I know what the disease can do, I know the variants my father’s own was PSP (the terrible one that messes up your muscles) my uncle’s own was Alzheimer. I know the early signs. I have been to moon and back looking for cure. Immediately we saw Buhari in the NTA presidential programme, my wife and I turned and gave each other a concerned look. We have seen the signs before. The disconnected look, the sudden prolonged silence mid sentence, the tangential answer to a straight forward question. We watched the Warri APC rally the next day, and our fears were confirmed, we observed the unusual hurry by the the organisers to draw the rally to an end while it was just midday. Akpabio, Amechi, Uduaghan were only allowed to speak for a minute. Buhari sat with the same disconnected look. He was closely guided as he marched to the stage as if they had a concern with his balance. Once on stage, he was handed a paper listing the protocol. My wife said let’s see if he will call anybody by name, that will be the litmus test. He didn’t. Even when he acknowledged the APC Gubernatorial candidate, he pointed to the far left while the man was standing next to him on his right. The climax was when he finally handed the flag to Ogboru and called him the presidential candidate. The long and short of this story is that no matter the qualities that they said Buhari has, it is no longer relevant as this man has lost the capacity to act. As you all know, Dementia is progressive.