Akwa Ibom APC Is Hiding Her Guber Candidate, Ekere While Fronting Warsaw Akpabio.

By Inibehe Effiong

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Inibehe Effiong

It is amusing how members and supporters of the APC in Akwa Ibom State are shamelessly fronting Senator Godswill Akpabio, as their battle hero, in crude pursuit of the 2019 elections in the state.
These people think that all that there is to life and existence is seeking power, by all means, accumulating wealth and political relevance.
Those who saw Akpabio as the devil a few months ago have suddenly recanted.
Akpabio remains a present threat to democracy and good governance in Akwa Ibom State.
Here is a man whose bloody and corrupt regime demonstrated total disdain for dissenting voices; a man under whose watch, several outspoken critics and political figures were murdered and kidnapped for ransom.
Senator Akpabio is yet to account for the many abandoned white elephants projects of his regime but is now talking about change.
Today, the APC, a party birthed on a mantra of change, is portraying a man whose personality, idiosyncrasy and antecedents represent a clear repudiation of change.
I stumbled on the launching of the APC campaign in the Akwa Ibom today which was aired on TV, for the few minutes that I monitored the rally, it was difficult to say who is actually contesting the forthcoming gubernatorial election.
Musicians, different speakers, Nollywood artists and other participants spent more time paying tributes to Akpabio. The candidate, Mr. Nsima Ekere, was nearly overshadowed by Akpabio.
Akpabio’s wife was even called upon to speak on behalf of the women of Akwa Ibom State. The whole rally was about Akpabio, Akpabio and Akpabio.
The APC in Akwa Ibom has become the property of one man (Akpabio). Those who were leaders of the party in the state have now effectively been relegated for the enthronement of the mafia leader.
The level of hypocrisy and political desperation by power mongers in Akwa Ibom State to capture power in 2019 should be studied by every serious student of political science.
It is a shame indeed.

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