Akpabio’s Aide Who Resigned, to Protect His Integrity

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Akpabio’s Aide Who Resigned, to Protect His Integrity

Sani resigned. He had the highest pay master. Still, Sani resigned his position.

His position was juicy. It was a position we could all envy.

If you’re a lawyer, you would aim to have Sani’s job. If you’re not a lawyer, you would want to be one, just to have Sani’s job.

Every one loves money. So, it is not that Sani was tired of money. Who is ever tired of money? Who wants to miss a paymaster as Sani’s.

Sani is from a family of honour. He would not have money at the expense of honour. His former paymaster remains one of the highest paymasters the world has ever had. Once his honour was threatened, Sani had a decision to make.

In case you do not know, Sani was Senior Legislative aide to the uncommon defector. You probably know him as Barr. Utibe Nwoko. We, the locals know him as Sani. He enjoyed his job when it was honourable. He defected from his job when the paymaster defected to dishonour.

The Nwokos are honourable people. They trade the path of honour. You know honour just by what the Nwokos decide to follow. They have never been a party to dishonour. Walking their path is walking the path of honour.

The Nwokos have had their palm kernel cracked by the gods. They’re all very successful people in their own right. That family has given Akwa Ibom State it’s best Commissioner For Justice. You’re free to argue, but the fact speaks for itself. Barr. Uwemedime Nwoko is a great Commissioner Of Justice, but Sani did not resign to save his brother’s job.

Sani is not just a man of his own, he is the Superstar politician of the dynasty. He sees the future before it arrives. He positions himself before others arrive.

It is Sani that has the crowd right now. He decides whom he gives it to. He has said it is Udom. He resigned his job to show seriousness. Sani’s job wouldn’t be lost for nothing. The people know that there is something he has seen in Udom. People are queueing behind Sani for Udom.

Sani has said Udom is right.The people know Sani to always be right. Those who don’t know Udom know Sani. Those who know Sani have come to know Udom.

Endiong John is from Ika