By Joseph Okon

Akwa Ibom people all over the world are known as humble and well cultured people from a background of an excellent traditional value system.

But this was not the case on the 14th December 2018 when Akwa Ibom people and Nigerians at large were treated to a national embarrassment during the one day working visit of the wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari to Akwa Ibom State.

As protocol demands, the office of the President’s wife wrote to the wife of Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel, informing her of the visit of the wife of the president to Akwa Ibom State last Friday.

This communication was to put the governor’s wife on notice so she could make the necessary arrangements and preparations to receive the Nation’s First Lady. But it turned out that chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state were planning an embarrassing outing for the governor’s wife which they became victims of their creation.

After that Friday event, Akwa Ibom people are still wondering what could make Senator Akpabio and Wife, Unoma to think that they own Akwa Ibom State, and that they can do anything they like. The unnecessary disparaging of the office of the governor’s wife by Mrs Unoma Akpabio is condemnable. The dramatic security breach by Akpabio’s wife following the arrival of the President’s wife can well be described as concert of fools in their paradise.

Unoma Akpabio need not be told that she is not suppose to struggle the reception of the President’s wife with Mrs Martha Emmanuel because she knows that the protocol demands that the governor’s wife should officially receive Mrs Buhari irrespective of party affiliation.

It therefore became a display of ignorance on the part of Unoma Akpabio who should have known that protocol demands that the governor’s wife should be the one to receive the visiting nation’s first lady, not a senator’s wife.

Mrs Emmanuel was not to take Mrs Buhari away from the APC rats in Akwa Ibom because the President’s wife was in the state for a purpose. What was required of the governor’s wife was just to receive her and fulfill the needed protocols of government.

But as Mrs Buhari landed at the Obong Victor Attah International Airport, Mrs Akpabio assumed to herself that she was the one to receive the President’s wife. This move by Akpabio’s wife was resisted by the security forces which led to a minor fight with the security agents.

The aircraft that brought Mrs Buhari was already opened for her to come down when the supremacy fight broke out. The aircraft was closed, and a signal was given that Mrs Buhari has decided to return to Abuja. It was at that point the security agents had to push Unoma and Akpabio away to the extreme end and position Mrs Emmanuel at the proper position which she received the President’s wife and exchange pleasantries.

It is worthy to note here that whatever gives Unoma Akpabio the courage to see herself as the one who should receive the President’s wife when the governor’s wife is in the state can only be the courage to do nonsense.

To those APC rats who encouraged and celebrated this shameful act by Unoma Akpabio, should know that Mrs Emmanuel was not at the airport as an individual but she represented the institution of government in the state, hence any assault on her becomes a collective assault on the people of Akwa Ibom State.

Unoma Akpabio must understand that there can never be two first ladies in this state acting at the same time, and will not start now. Akwa Ibom state as at today has only one first lady which is Mrs Martha Emmanuel. Unoma Akpabio may wish to spare Akwa Ibom people her lack of good home training and mannerism which has been the hallmark of her activities for the 8 years of her husband’s reign in the state.

She should learn to draw a line between politics and performing official functions of government. Being in the APC should not make Unoma Akpabio act irrationally always. She should remember that she was once a first lady in this state and no one struggled with her official duties.

Because Mrs Buhari is not an indiscipline woman like Akpabio’s wife who lacks manners, she refused to come down until the right person was allowed to receive her, thereby giving honour to whom it is due.

This should also serve as a lesson to Mrs Akpabio, that all lies always have their expiring date. They claimed to have been wining and dining with President Buhari and wife in Abuja, but they struggled to catch a glimpse of Mrs Buhari in Akwa Ibom.

Akwa Ibom people should know that one of the reasons Unoma Akpabio is very angry with Mrs Emmanuel is because she decided to take charge instead of answering first lady while an impostor performs the functions in her office. She is supporting Nsima Ekere today because the wife has promised to be taking instructions from her, and secondly to reestablish Igbo dominance among our women.

Why then should Akwa Ibom women not support their own? Why should our women remain slaves in their own land? Can’t Akwa Ibom women see that this is a calculated attempt to push out their own Martha Emmanuel to install another Igbo woman? When will Akwa Ibom women wake-up and stop this evil conspiracy? The earlier they realize it, the better for them.

Unoma Akpabio’s plan is to dominate and oppress our women. She wants to be seen as the only woman that all other women should bow for at all times.

Whatsoever in APC that is making our people to think stupid and act foolishly anytime they join the party should know that Akwa Ibom people are known for their well mannered conduct and will not allowed an outsider to showcase us in bad light.

If Unoma Akpabio thinks she can fight, and have all it takes to fight, she should help us with the Boko Haram and killer herdsmen. Let this peaceful state, with a good leader that God has blessed us with, continue in his good works.