2019: Akpabio’s conspiracy against Ibibio of Uyo Senatorial District and Nsima Ekere’s two term pledge under oath

Moment of Truth

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Dear Ibibio of Uyo Senatorial district, the time has indeed come for you all to decide if you want to be politically redundant and reduced to rubble by Senator Godswill Akpabio or you are ready to rise up and take your destiny in our hands.

Just last week, Akpabio boasted as usual that by the time he finishes with the Ibibio’s in 2019, they will know who he truly is. Not just that, Akpabio, a man who became all he is today with the help of the Ibibios mostly from Uyo Senatorial district also boasted that he was the one who collected power from an Ibibio son from Uyo Senatorial district and gave it to Governor Udom Emmanuel and vowed that he will SINGLEHANDEDLY midwife the transition again in 2019.

Unknown to Akpabio, his threat to deal with the Ibibios was recorded by his guests and the tape is in protective custody of prominent Ibibio traditional rulers and senior citizens.

That’s not all!

This man who the Ibibio picked from oblivion and gave political life has entered into a secret covenant with Nsima Ekere vowing that Ekere will serve two terms of 8 years after which, Nsima Ekere will hand over power to anybody he will choose come 2027.

“Over my dead body will Umana Umana or Udoedehe become Governor of Akwa Ibom state in the recording”, he vowed.

Part of the oath Nsima and Akpabio have taken is to prompt the duo to further enslave Akwa Ibom people and mortgage their future. Nsima Ekere has taken several oaths of loyalty. Ekere also swore to an oath in Ukana that upon assuming the office of Governor he will not do anything that is inimical to the political interest of Akpabio nor will he probe the past as a way of indicting Akpabio nor take revenge over Akpabio’s role in his disgraceful resignation from office as Deputy Governor.

Though the many clauses of the oath and agreement are solely the business of the two oath takers, the promise (Under Oath) for Nsima Ekere to serve two terms to the detriment of Uyo Senatorial district should worry any true Ibibio son especially the people of Uyo Senatorial district irrespective of party affiliation.

Moments before the oath taking, Nsima Ekere had asked Akpabio how they will mitigate the possible political crisis from Uyo Senatorial district when it becomes obvious that he wants to seek reelection in 2023.

To show his hatred for the Ibibios as characteristic of him, Akpabio boasted that all Uyo Senatorial District elders are like chicken running after rice being thrown on the floor. That once a small grain is thrown on the ground, they will run after the grain while he grabs power and ensure the Ibibios remain perpetually an “insignificant majority”.

We must remember that the man stocking the drums of ethnic war in Akwa Ibom state against the Ibibios has as Governor, built a Cenotaph in memory of those who were killed during the Biafran war as a way to reconcile the Annangs and the Ibibios over the tragic incidents that was witnessed during the civil war between both tribes yet deep down in his heart, he is on a revenge mission against the Ibibios.

The time has come for the Ibibios to tow the path of peace, stability and progress Obong Attah advocated and institutionalised through power shift as envisaged by our founding fathers.

It is rather a pity that Akpabio’s evil and deadly conspiracy against the Ibibios has always been implemented with the tacit support of a fellow Ibibio man, all of whom Akpabio must always then back to betray, stab and sometimes kill.

Come 2019, if the Ibibios do not rise and fight for their liberation, generations unborn will be very unkind to them.

As for Nsima Ekere, he is alone and will be deserted the more before election. It is rather sad that Nsima will be in a place where Akpabio calls Ibibio elders “chickens who run after grains of rice thrown to the floor”, and such demeaning and derogatory comments against the Ibibios will rather than a rebuke, receive a smile of acceptance and endorsement from Mr Ekere.

All through his tenure in NDDC, Nsima Ekere has never empowered a single Ibibio son to the tune of N100million, but Senator Godswill Akpabio was the first Akwa Ibom person Ekere awarded contract to when he assumed office as MD NDDC.

The few Ibibio sons around Nsima or who defected to the APC did so mainly because of the debt owed them by NDDC of which Mr Ekere gave their defection to APC as a condition to get the contract paid them.

It is rather shameful that a man like Senator Ita Enang will tell the people of Uyo Senatorial district to hold him responsible if Nsima Ekere do not hand over power in 2023, yet the sad reality in the APC is that Ita Enang has been schemed out of the power game by the same Akpabio he fought tooth and nail and battled to get him a presidential pardon and clemency, which aided his defection and soft landing.

Today, Akpabio has successfully schemed out all major Ibibio sons and daughters of Uyo Senatorial district in APC and they are not within the power dynamics of getting any fair deal for Uyo Senatorial district.

My dear people of Ibibio nation, now is the time to rise and claim your rightful place in the comity of nations. Now is the time to tell Akpabio that he is not god and that this state has already suffered a lot in his hands and that affliction shall not arise a second time.

The time is now. The choice is ours!

I endorse the message.

Prince Emmanuel Sam 
The Unstoppable Voice of Truth

Image may contain: 5 people, including Iniobong John, people standing