By Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon

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I dont support evil , even if you are my mother, when you do wrong against others please you can’t get my support.

When Obong Attah fought Akpabio on issues that were without merits , I fought the battle with Senator Akpabio till he won .

The kernel of my reason for joining that battle was because I was also privy to how many times Sen Akpabio had sought for peace with his predecessor . 

I also believed then that those advice that were done on the pages of newspapers could have been done privately . Doing it publicly to me was politically motivated and humiliating. 

Unknown to most of you , it was Obong Victor Attah who introduced me into Akwa Ibom State Government and not Akpabio and I served him diligently . 

He met me during the South -South Second Term Presidential Flag-Off of OBJ . I was the entertainment administrator of that event with Hilda Dukubo . 

I also appreciate Senator Akpabio for giving me opportunity to serve in his Government and I gave him 110% loyalty. Nevertheless, that cannot make me to be cowed into joining him in an unholy war against the most prudent Governor Akwa Ibom State has ever had in terms of resources management. I act on strong convictions.

I had worked with the two pervious Governors of Akwa Ibom State in different capacities and I can give perfect distinction between the two and Governor Emmanuel . 

Governor Udom Emmanuel remains the best in terms of resource management , Political and economic inclusion, and he is humble and very peaceful . Above all, he is not carrying out political projects.

He is not vindictive. The only problem many have with him , is that he is not sharing tax payers money on the streets. But for how long will we continue to share our commonwealth among the few?

How long will we continue to share the money and make our State an underdeveloped community ? 

Use your church mind not political mind and evaluate the level of development of his administration and the influx of allocation to the State and do good analysis of previous Governments and their achievements in comparison with funds received at the same period.

When that is done, you will realize that you have a governor that you must allow to continue till 2023 . 

When Akpabio started singing this song “Akpabio ayem Mkpo ita ., Akpabio Ayem Mkpo Ita , Akpa Kom Abasi , oyoho iba Ma Eyen Uka , oyoho Ita , uma Udia Mkpo nno eyen uka bak edi Kpa obion” 

From that tme I knew there was rejection in the sharing of public funds among few by Udom . 

If Akpabio stops throwing tantrums on Governor Udom Emmanuel and also stop his media hirelings from attacking the Governor, I will not have any business writing about him . 

Calling me an ingrate is so primitive. So because Akpabio provided me platform to serve my State I must be cowed into doing the wrong ? 

So why did I not go against Akpabio when Attah fought him ? Obong Attah was my pathfinder but I could not compromise my stance . 

So why must I do it now ?

Please I am more principled than being cowed by evil sentiments . I love and respect Akpabio but I cannot join the bandwagon to do wrong. 

If I join him even God will be angry with me . 

Please stop calling me , it is not about money or fame, it is about what is right in the sight of God . 

1, I was offered APC House Assembly Ticket with millions of cash , I rejected it.

2 , After nominations, I was offered big cash , I rejected it.

3. I was promised a mouthwatering appointment, I rejected it . 

My leaders and brethren, money or fame is sweet , but a man of high principle is more respected than a foolish wealthy man.

It is better we have Governor Udom Emmanuel for peace and prosperity of Akwa Ibom State than having people who have agreed under ungodly oath to share our collective resources . 

I sit with Udom till 2023, no retreat, no surrender.

No man is greater than God.