By Emmanuel NICHOLAS aka Whyte Bom Bom.

Politics is a game of interest, and political interest is bonded with what are your economical benefits.

Even without economic benefits ,political endorsements are more given on ethnocentric consideration. Interestingly, evaluating ethnocentric consideration will still lead one to both political and economic benefit.

In Akwa Ibom State, zoning of office of the Governor is based on Senatorial District. In this fourth Republic, Uyo Senatorial District was the first to benefit from that political arrangement, His Excellency Obong Victor Attah served as the Governor of the State from 1999 to 2011 (Two Terms).And there was so much developmental impact in his Senatorial District .

Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District took their turn with His Excellency, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio CON and the productivities of his eight years tenure was seen massively in his region .

Governor Udom Emmanuel is today occupying the seat of power, It will be running for eight years. If not truncated, Uyo Senatorial District will be the next beneficiary of this rotational Governance. We should forget Party lines and come to reasoning table and discuss.

Making Obong Nsima Ekere the Governor in 2019, will sabotage the political and economic benefits of Uyo Senatorial District for good twenty years.

If anyone will be so daft to beleive that Nsima Ekere will serve for only four years, that person is suffering from self made hallucination that can only be healed by holy water from the Papal altar in Rome.

If the entire stakeholders of APC could sit and agreed that, all their previous chapter executives should be given extension of office and Obong Nsima Ekere took the holy Bible as I was told and lifted it above his head and swore before the saaducees and Pharisees of APC in Akwa Ibom State to abide by that agreement.

But few days later, he jetisoned that accord and fielded brand new chapter executives across the State , by so doing he hijacked the entire party structure leaving the likes of Sen J Udoedehe, Don Etiebet and Mr Ita Solomon Enang with nothing.

Have you also heard five years back that Nsima Ekere was forced to resign his position as the Deputy Governor because he wanted to unseat his boss, Senator Godswill Akpabio And take over?

Though I’m not sure of the authenticity of story because there were diverse versions, while some people said that he was planing to kill his boss and assume the position of the Governor.

The say in every rumour, there is an element of truth. All the accusations pointed at one verified direction, that Nsima is a traitor, so any politician whether in APC or PDP who will believe that, the loquacious and eratic Nsima Ekere will accept to mortgage his constitutional right over a porridge agreement to serve only one term should visit a physcatric home for rehabilitation.

Politicians should learn fast from political precedent, in this fourth Republic, PDP stakeholders from the North Said President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan signed a document to serve for one term, He is a meek leader , a true democrat, a man who loves peace more than personal riches, was he able to abide by the Covenant?

Let me not take you too far, In Uruan, the present house of Assembly Member was brought in to complete the Southern Uruan’s tenure of four years.

He stood before the entire spirits and humans in Idu Uruan and swore to an oath that he will only do one term during his campaigns.
Is he not aspiring for second term now ? And several others that I cannot count.

It will be a thing of mockery, if Uyo Senatorial District, full of reliable intellectuals, who can differentiate between when a politician is telling lies to get votes and when he saying the truth to miss this one.

Uyo Senatorial District must not fall victim of a trickster and desperado like Nsima Ekere .
Are we that cheap to be deceived? (One tern KO, one term Ni).

Yes I was passing through a local bar and overheard one of the Chapter Chairmen of APC saying, Nsima has sworn to a very powerful Mbiam that he will only serve for one term.

My heart stopped for a second , and I wonder how men can be so myopic in their thinking. I turned back, went to him and said , my brother of late, how many deaths sre reported to have been caused by mbiam ? If mbiam was still that potent, three quarters of politicians in Akwa Ibom would have died. Please stop deceiving yourself (Mme Nsima Ekere eyene utunho Mbiam).

Uyo Senatorial District have waited for about twelve years already, don’t allow Nsima to decieve us and go for another eight years, which means we for twenty years, God forbid.

My father, Sir Nicholas Okokon always said, that a goat can be stupid but never will a goat be foolish as a sheep.

He went further to say that a lion is intelligent but the tortoise is more crafty.

In Uyo Senatorial District, we are the political tortoise, how then will we allow a youth corper politician to disenfranchise us of our right? (Wetin blind Una, abi na juju)

I strongly believe in men who say that Nsima Ekere is out on vengeance mission ,for example Nsima Ekere never truly forgave our noble Son, Umana Okon Umana, who he believes, was the reason he was forced to resign, Will he not seek his pound of flesh?.

Stakeholders of Uyo Senatorial District, Governor Udom Emmanuel is the best option for us, if we must not wait for twenty years, lets forget the lies of one tenure, by 1999 Constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Obong Nsima Ekere is authorized to serve as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State for eight years.
If we one of our sons or daughters must be the next governor in 2023, let’s forget party lines and join hands and support Governor Udom Emmanuel for second term.