Nsima Ekere fails Akwa Ibom people, resigns on or before December 15th.

There are indications that the MD of NDDC,Obong Nsima Ekere will resign on or before December 15th to concentrate on his governorship ambition.

More Agony for NDDC contractors

There’s no tangible project by Ekere in Akwa Ibom, except his mouthful of theatrical lies.

If Nsima Ekere can not award contracts to Akwa Ibom people and pay them,but pays contractors from other States, how then can he in good conscience raise billboards ,campaign to Govern Akwa Ibom State?

It is a pity, a very sad thing that so many contractors who were awarded contracts to renovate some schools as NDDC projects in the State, are yet to be paid, making life very difficult for people.

It is very insensitive for Obong Nsima Ekere to have included pictures of the renovated schools in the programme of Eket rally without paying the contractors, who some are traumatized, under pressure to pay those that supplied them with material to work till today.

It is becoming very clear by the day,that the NDDC under Mr. Nsima Ekere is highly politicized, very insensitive, that is why, instead of encouraging the people that are actually showing seriousness in supporting the agency by ensuring that they don’t abandon contracts given to them, they are being discouraged and frustrated.

If he spent over 60 million to sponsor a political rally in Eket, 55 million for the Ikot Ekpene rally,and that same amount for the Uyo senatorial district rally,but can not pay his contractors,a contract that was awarded directly from his office,then is very sad. So endorsement rallies are more important to him, than improving the condition of the people with the opportunity he has as the MD of NDDC.

Sadly,the 30 jobs that were given to elders in the ten Federal Constituency since may last year, most have been completed but not paid for. These are the same elders that are suffering and smiling, going round the state for rallies to endorse him,yet nothing to show for it. All the renovation jobs given to the support groups have not been paid,making members of the groups to be stranded. All these people are Akwa Ibom people.

Some people who were given contracts to renovates schools are in agony,so many wished they never got the job,because the 20% interest loan they took to completes those project are going up every month. This is wickedness of the highest order by Obong Nsima Ekere, because this contracts are awarded directly from his office.

This is a fraud taken too far, by a man who wants to be the Governor of Akwa Ibom state. If he can not comfortably manage 300 hundred people, is it the entire state that he will be able to manage. It is time for the people to open their eyes and watch the actions and activities of this agency under Obong Nsima Ekere, because so many things are not Right.

One of the contractors who has not been paid, lamented the fact that his children can not go back to school, he can not pay his workers, or even take care of his family, because he sunk all his money to complete a school renovation project, but till now not even one Naira has been paid.

A certain Christian group had organized a prayer rally for the MD of NDDC at Uyo township stadium,a well funded programme by Mr. Nsima Ekere with millions of Naira, yet the school renovation contract of 15 million he awarded to a prayer group of 15 pastors that has been praying for him every Wednesday since 2013,( ONE FAITH),has not been paid, yet the picture of that renovated primary school at Ikpa town in Esit Eket, was put up in the programme of Eket rally, spoke about without being paid.

On Sunday 23rd September, while the Anniversary of the state was going on at the Stadium,Obong Nsima Ekere organized a parallel Thanksgiving service at New birth Church for his endorsement ahead of 2019, Only God knows how much money he spent to organized that event,but can not pay pastors of ONE FAITH that he gave contract of 15million, that has been praying for him since 2013,every Wednesday, if is not in Eket,then Ikot Abasi. What an insensitive man.

There is a school that the contractors had completed their renovations, even before the Akwa Ibom State government awarded a school renovation contract for a school building inside the same school premises, but the government contractors were mobilized and paid in full.

What is the essence of Obong Nsima Ekere sponsoring 150 people to attend the just concluded AKISAN convention worth millions,yet can not pay contractors?

The 60million spent on Eket rally alone, could have paid three contracts, yet he is playing politics with the fund of NDDC, neglecting the home front, which are the Akwa Ibom people.

When his supporters put up all sort of propaganda to discredit the efforts of the Akwa Ibom government, they should also come to terms with the fact that those that the government have awarded contracts to, are given 40% to start work, later 30%,meaning 70&,before the last 30% after completing the project in most cases, but NDDC under Nsima Ekere has refused to pay, even after the work is completed,yet he is talking about a new Akwa Ibom .

His sister who has become a super contractor now goes about with police escort. She supplies Granite, sand, cement etc to contractors handling road construction for NDDC compulsorily especially in Ikot Abasi area and she’s promptly paid by the contractors even when contractors are not paid by NDDC,this is real agony.

People write different slogan to campaign for Nsima Ekere, like ” ONE is coming” Nsima Ekere is coming ” . But from the look of things,the coming of Nsima Ekere is the coming of hardship,frustration,hunger and starvation.

I think those around him should tell him the truth about the agony of these contractors, he should pay contactors and stop wasting monies on rallies and endorsement, because Akwa Ibom people deserves better.