Warsaw Akpabio, Ekere: Unrepentant Combatants At War With Akwa Ibom

By Umani Uwemedimo

With their intimidating antecedents of desperation, nothing is too grave for them to sacrifice on the altar of selfish ambition. They love war, especially with harmless innocent Akwa Ibom people. They do not pretend about it. And in this era of next level, being younger apostles of the enemies of Nigeria, they too, have taken the war against the masses to the next level, now out to destroy the State legislature. But they are only dangling their sword against the wind. They can no longer hold Akwa Ibom people in bondage; the people will win them.
In the beginning, the theatre commander, Senator Godswill Akpabio told the world that the Warsaw anecdote will be replicated in Akwa Ibom State. While Mr Nsima Ekere went about receiving and showcasing weapons of their planned warfare against the State. After months of enticement, recruitment, ‘training’ and deployment, the war has already commenced.
All of these are attempts to paint a Photoshop picture of insecurity in Akwa Ibom State. It is conscious planned and clinically executed ostensibly for an advantage in the coming 2019 Governorship election. But they can never be popular in a State that is craving for peace and prosperity which the people have seen in the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led PDP government.
There is no way the APC will be popular in Akwa Ibom State, not with Akpabio and Ekere who had opportunity of leading the State and turned it into their personal estate. Theirs was a government of dishonesty from inauguration to handing over. Akpabio went through the entire Akwa Ibom and deceived the people that he was going to build industries in each of the Thirty One Local Government Areas of the State. Inexplicably, he did not. He saw the money, but squandered all with a height of profligacy. He only succeeded in building a mutation of insecurity across the State, strangely.
As Governor Udom Emmanuel has come to correct this embarrassing error of Akpabio, a greater number of Akwa Ibom people have queued behind their Governor for his re-election which is why Akpabio and Ekere are collaborating to kiss the transformer. Why won’t the people follow peace and abandon signposts of insecurity? Who will see prosperity and follow agents of poverty and destruction? Can the Israelites who cross the Red Sea ever dream of going back to Egypt? It is unthinkable! Not even the organized terrorism in the State can change the people’s minds. Akpabio is gone for the good of Akwa Ibom.
The worst of Akpabio’s predicament is the fact that he had painted a picture of popularity for himself. Unfortunately, those who made him thick refused to follow him to the All Progressives Congress, APC. From Local Government to Local Government, he is offering to buy supporters. Some dupe him, others shun him, hence the resort to war. Do you force people to follow you? Loyalty is earned not forced.
This horrid phenomenon of the diminishing profile of Akpabio is what has turned him into a war veteran, declaring war with Akwa Ibom people just to ensure that Nsima Ekere emerges as governor of the State even if they would have killed all the people the governor that would never be would have governed.
For rising against Udom Emmanuel, who is passionate about the peace and prosperity of Akwa Ibom State, there is no way Akpabio will not continue to be out of circulation like a bad book in content and in form. It is the God of Akwa Ibom State that is ensuring that Akpabio and his gang of warlords remain in the political valley of the State because that is where they belong. Let them continue to shoot; their bullets will never change the decision of the people to follow a man of peace and progress, Udom Emmanuel.
Governor Udom Emmanuel has done in three years what Akpabio did not do in eight years even when he had all the resources. Today, Akwa Ibom can boast of functional industries attracted to the State by the good leadership of the governor. From the syringe industry to metering factory and others, Governor Emmanuel can chalk up accomplishments that have endeared him to the people and eternally dwarf the shameful show Akpabio did as governor.
However, the solution is not directing war tanks to Akwa Ibom, and employing maximum force on the harmless masses. Shameful enough, the same Akpabio claims to be a nationalist and a patriot. Nationalists defend the people and not becoming combatants to destroy the innocent people who are resolute not to sell their conscience like Akpabio and his army. 
The House of Assembly is the legislature is the symbol of democracy. It is banal to plot the invasion of the institution no matter how successful you may have been in “war.”