My good friend Chief Franklyn Isong,Image may contain: outdoor

I stumbled on an article written by your humble self with the heading: AKWA IBOM GOVT: WHERE IS THE AUTOMOBILE PLANT? Initially, I mistaken it for usual propaganda circulated by APC goons in Akwa Ibom State led by the State Chairman APC Youth Caucus, Mr. Iniobong John but after I retired back home, at my spare time, I decided to go through the entire content of your homily.

As a practising Journalist, I must sincerely commend you for taking time out to visit the site of the proposed project and be able to furnished us information concerning the said project and its present status.

My good friend, the moral issue about your new assignment is that you were still alive in this state in the past few years when a governor promised 31 industries per local government and resources appropriated in the budget year in year out but you never ask question or challenge the said administration where the 31 industries are located. You didn’t also deem it necessary to visit the 31 LGAs to ask each of the Chairman to take you to the site of those industries.

From your article you refused to acknowledged Akwa Ibom State industrial revolution which has attracted over 10 industries to the state including the Jubilee Syringe, Metering Industry and Coconut Industry which is located at your backyard in Mkpat Enin local government area. I want to believe that you lack knowledge about elementary economic. There is what we call Scale of Preference and I will help you with its definition.

According to google search engine, “A scale of preference can be defined as the list of wants or needs that a person writes or comes up with in order of importance. Here, the person puts his or her most pressing needs or wants at the top of the list and then the less important needs go to the bottom of the list.

Though I am not holding brief for Akwa Ibom State Government but me think that is what Udom Emmanuel administration is doing at the moment. He prioritize the needs of his people. For example, the Jubilee Syringe in Akwa Ibom State has so far produced 450 million syringes which is used in different hospitals and health facilities across the country. It may interest you to know that Nigeria Government import 6 billion syringes annually and with Jubilee Syringe which has been asked by the federal government to improve capacity to at least 1 billion per annum to service our health facilities. I think this is highly appreciable effort by the State Government that should be commended rather than the Automobiles Plant.

While I commend you for taking such steps to find out what is going on in your state, I will advise you not to be blind to the reality that governor Udom Emmanuel has taken a bold step to address the issue of unemployment in the state. This only happened because of the peace we are all enjoying and he will do more in his second term. Udom Emmanuel has brought peace to Akwa Ibom State for sustainable development. Lets join hands together to support him in 2019. God bless Akwa ibom State