“…AKWA IBOM PEOPLE ARE STUPID & HYPOCRITES” Akpabio Bombs Attah, Ridicules A’Ibom People

Mega Times, Texas.

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Few days to the much anticipated 80th birthday of Akwa Ibom legendary leader Arc.Obong Victor Attah, his successor and former Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio has tangue-lashed Attah, accusing him of embezzlement and unaccountability throughout his tenure between 1999 and 2007.

Akpabio, who was reacting to widespread criticism of profligacy and wasteful spendings that rocked his 8years ‘uncommon’ administration, lamented that he is being singled out for attack, while Obong Attah is treated as a saint by Akwa Ibom people.

The Akwa Ibom North West senator described Akwa Ibomites as hypocrites, for insisting that he must come and account for his stewardship, while his predecessor was celebrated on the streets of the state.

Akpabio, in a post on Monday in some notable social media platforms through his Personal Assistant on Media, Pastor Abasiandikan Nkono, said “The question is, what and what did Akpabio inherit from former Gov. Attah?”

Senator Akpabio who instituted two major probes on Obong Attah’s Science Park project and the Pioneer Newspaper Printing Press projects, during his tenure said his predecessor Obong Attah left him with nothing to use and start operating as a governor when he assumed office in 2007.

“When you see a man who is totally at sea with regards to the workings of govt threatening fire and brimstone that Akpabio must be called to account, when initiators of projects such as the Science Park (Obong Attah)that were never completed, but which monies were paid, working free on the streets, one cannot but feel terribly amused by such high wire hypocrisy and double standards in Akwa Ibom State.”

Akpabio, who served for six years as commissioner under Attah, dismissed claims that former Governor Attah’s government received so little and should not receive any blame.