By Norbert Chiazor

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I regard Adams Oshiomhole for his audacious imprint in unionism in Nigeria. He is my all time labour leader.

But I recently grew aversion to Oshiomhole for his reckless attacks on Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa. To the contrary ,Okowa has always restrained himself from engaging Adams .Certainly not out of cowardice . Perhaps civility. Okowa is the governor of Delta state , a complex entity. You cannot be governor here if you are faint – hearted . No ! Except you are not familiar with the hot land called Delta.

On Okowa , Oshiomhole is on a futile fight . If Oshiomhole is a lion, Okowa is a Tiger. Of course some Tigers are gentle !

But Oshiomhole ‘s tackle against Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo state got me standing and clapping .

I met Rochas sometime ago with a group of frontline Nigerian journalists . He is fanciful and funny. A man with zany manners that are almost childlike . He walks with a jubilant swagger like a million dollar lotto winner .His language and laughter unserious. But never have I seen a man as sociable and affectionate .

But this epicurean mix may be the Achilles heel of Rochas .His mortal trouble . The chink in his life . He loves to build castles and statues. Sometimes in empty air . Now Owelle has a new fancy – dynasty .

He dreams to hand over governorship to his son -in law . The wife will bequeath the office of First Lady to his daughter. His sister , commissioner for Happiness will return to government house bigger in enjoyment.

Then he will sit as senator in 2019 as personal pamper for his gubernatorial conquest and annexation of his world. Rochas ! All hail the Emperor. Oriental conqueror . The godfather of self indulgence. Vanity master. King of hedonism.

Rochas reminds one of the uncanny character, Set played by Gerald Butler in the 2016 epic movie ” Gods of Egypt ” . Set , deluded by excessive self love dreams to own the world . But the hand of fate stopped him to his ruins .

Oshiomhole has given Imo APC governorship ticket to Hope Uzodinma . Rochas fiefdom is on fire. Vanishing like quick silver. Oshiomhole has killed his joy and ended his ego . His empire is falling ….

Rochas is angry . His dynasty dream fading to illusion .

But Oshiomhole has missed an opportunity that would have added to his height!

Rochas will never mould him in Owerri . Osho Baba, no statue for you .

Fantasy is a politician!

Norbert Chiazor

Former NUJ Chairman,
Delta State Council,