This advert to me is a mockery of who Nsima Ekere is. Nsima was for four years the Chairman of Akwa Ibom Investment Corporation, AKICORP. He was saddled with the responsibility of attracting industries and among other investments into Akwa Ibom State

In that four years can Nsima Ekere point his finger to at least one mini factory he brought to Akwa Ibom State ?

Besides that, Nsima Ekere served as the Number 2 citizen of the State, I mean, he served as Deputy Governor in Akwa Ibom State for two years and seven months. He and the former boss now his political mentor promised the State 31 Industries but sadly and disappointingly, they were bereft of the ideas or connection to attract or build at least a Palm wine factory.

Being an Estate Agent that rents out buildings and collect commission of 10% is not being a successful entrepreneur .

It is a known fact that Nsima Ekere does not have the mental capacity , international investment connections to the business community. In all honesty and modesty, comparing Nsima Ekere with Governor Udom Emmanuel in terms of industralization is like comparing a scavenger to a Professor.

Are you seriously comparing a man that has B.A Accounting, University of Lagos. M.Sc Corporate Governance, Leeds University, UK.Columbia Business School, United States of America. Wharton Business School, United States.INSEAD, France.London Business School?

Are you in all sincerity making comparison of a reputable gentleman with financing and investment experience in international institutions? He was Non-Executive Director, Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)

Director, Nigerian Interbank Settlement Systems (NIBBS)

Non-Executive Director, Zenith Bank

N.E.D United Kingdom

N.E.D Zenith Bank Gambia

Head of Zenith Bank – Sierra Leone

Head of Zenith Insurance

Head of Zenith Pensions and Custodian

Head of Zenith Securities

Head of Zenith Trustees and

Zenith Registrars.

This is an intellectual with professional certifications in Financial Services Authority (FSA) United Kingdom, License Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)Fellow, Institute of Financial Management Associate, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria.

Evidence of these certification and experiences abound.

He has given Akwa Ibom State 12 industries , please stop comparing a scavenger with a Professor of industralization .

Today Akwa Ibom State is the second biggest State in foreign Direct Investment. We are now only second to Lagos . This feat as we all know was attained by the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Please dont vote backwardness

Udom till 2023 #UNKNOWN