Obasanjo’s Visit To Akwa Ibom: Comrade Ini Ememobong Replies Akpabio’s P.A

By  Ini Ememobong

Anietie Ekong,

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I have seen your rejoinder to my reply to APC’s senseless spin on OBJ’s visit . It is not in my attitude to reply to rejoinders to my official releases, especially if authored by an Aide whose duty, I know is to defend their principal whether rightly or wrongly. This reply is to keep your mind at peace(that’s if you want) on the issues you raised.

The issue that I have forgotten that Chief Akpabio was a messenger of destiny to me seemed to have been of paramount interest to you. While I agree that Chief Godswill Akpabio was a messenger of destiny, I disagree that I have forgotten. I’ve said it severally and let me repeat it here and for the records, I have tremendous respect for Senator Akpabio and I am eternally grateful for the love he showed me . Nothing can erase the history I’ve shared with the Distinguished Senator. But my brother, you know that when a person brings home ants infested firewood , the lizards will arrive without invitation. No one argues with his right to defect( except that he taught me to demand for the seat of the defector to be declared vacant and infact approach the court to do so, where the presiding officer doesn’t, like in the Nelson Effiong case, where he admonished the party to file a case to that effect ), but when he attacks the PDP like he has made it his hobby, I’m left with no option ( in my official capacity)than to reply. That reply unfortunately must address both the message and messenger. Additionally, about him being the messenger of destiny, I agree that he was a MESSENGER not the AUTHOR of my destiny. The AUTHOR of every man’s destiny uses many messengers to deliver his messages to the beneficiaries. Everyone(including the Senator) has those messengers.

I have and will continue to express gratitude to all the vessels of help, but I will not subscribe to servitude(Intellectual or physical). I have never had the misfortune of putting my brain on sleep mode and adopting the thoughts of another man hook, line and sinker( like most of the worshippers of nationalists have done). Ehennnn, on that gratitude slant, are you not aware of people working with the Senator who were on Governor Udom Emmanuel’s payroll? Why don’t you admonish them to respect the Governor?

You see this ‘gasping for air’ narrative that you have adopted and other related health registers employed by you and your hero worshipping crew, if we take it up and expand it, you’ll start a new level of preachment. Talking about stability and elections, please can we use the just concluded nominations as a test? The PDP has been more democratic since August when imposition excommunicated itself from us. We now only hear of cries and wailings from disenfranchised broom carrying people.

May I end this piece by reminding you that for me, freewill gifts and salaries earned from appointments cannot be the price for my conscience( you may have a different view and you are entitled to it).
I’m glad that by your release, the world can see that OBJ isn’t the spent force that your party tried to paint him as.

And on a personal note for you, remember and never forget that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones.

Happy new month, brother.

Comrade Ini Ememobong