Of Americana: Your hatred remains with you

By Clayton Udoh,


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I was talking with a counterpart that resides in Houston ,Texas .

Just to cut the story short ,the person had a scathing analysis of Akwa Ibom men that live in Houston.

So I will get right to the point and make sure I get my message across quickly .

White men or Black American men are not superior to men of Akwa Ibom extract.  The histories are not the same and the cultures are not the same .                                                                             Sometimes things can be blown out of proportion by a few characters and that does not mean you condemn all and sundry .  I will also say this for the record that some people are really sick in nature . The one thing that someone did to you suddenly becomes what you use to judge a whole demographic and you will never let go forever and you will never forgive .

It advances to where you begin to say crap like I can marry from White or Black American but never a man from my own genetic pool or of Akwa Ibom extract.

Now to go a bit deeper based on Ancestral history and culture we do not pee in our pants when confronted by our significant others and become effiminate and passive. There are women who feed off that and want men who grovel and pee in their pants. By these standards Akwa Ibom men are  immediately judged to be highly controlling aggresive jerks .

Whatever works for you is fine but the underlying conclusion that Akwa Ibom men are crap may rather be a reflection of your failure in your ability to negotiate and work with your own kind .

I am addressing an underlying secretly stupendous school of thought pulsating in Houston and its environs.

I will use myself as an example ; I never dated a Caucasian women before in my life . Not because I cannot flow with them. Nor do I have the predisposed beliefs that their race invented the aeroplane and etc so therefore my race is trash .

I have evolved and i thought maybe I am wrong but I looked across the aisle and my average Indian co-worker sticks with his own kind .The Hispanics and Mexicans stick to themselves, Pakistani women overwhelming stick to their tough men and women of the Middle East stick to men that in the face of Sharia law will pick the first stone and throw it at them. Chinese men stick to their chinese counterparts. Russian women stick to their Russian men .So how bad can the average man from Akwa Ibom be ?

Yes I heard the other stupid excuse ,the men gossip. Hello, you will hear gossip as long as you remain in the gossip mill !!!!!!!!!

In my exposure to Caucasians and Black Americans they are overwhelmingly horrible on the gossip account. Including Trump that most african women would hang with because he is white and has a lot of money.

The weirdest thing I have seen in my life is Africans who take an enormous amount of bullshit from other races but will flare up when it comes from their own. Is it like are they totally overwhelmed by the “Glory” of the other race or what ? Lol

I will say this to the overwhelming immature people with the frame of mind that Akwa Ibom men ain’t shit ; if someone rubs off you the wrong way or acts and says anything that makes you feel bad , call them quietly aside and talk to them and get your viewpoint thru. Rather than condemn them while God forgives you everyday for the crap you spew !

A lot of Akwa Ibom women in my opinion have not evolved from the “evil villager” scenario They do not have the spine to address real or imaginary ills that they have encountered and rather like the evil villagers they remain quiet. The villager is angry with you and he will not talk ,rather he will go behind your back and do Mbiam. Silence is a great sign of maturity but there are times it is counterproductive. Deal with the person who hurt you or betrayed you and do not take the punishment for that person and dish it to everyone in the society. In my opinion, people who do that are paranoid, most especially when you declare a whole race of men as crap.

Finally yes it is your life ;you are free to do what you like as a matured adult but the idea that your choice of a Caucasian or Black American is based on refinement and superiority in my opinion is based on your inferiority complex . If you are so bad that only a Caucasian can tolerate you (They can tolerate to the point of ridicule) or you need the traditionally passive Black American man that you can ride like a horse thats your own issue but they are not racially superior to us.

Self hatred comes in many forms.

Have a nice day

Clayton Udoh