Nigeria Custom Services Does Not Sell Cars, Rice, Cement On Social Media – CPRO

Beware Of Fraudsters! – NCS Warns Nigerians The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has informed internet users of activities of fraudsters on social media and appealed on people to be extra vigilant. Beware Of Fraudsters! – NCS Warns Nigerians In a video posted on the official Facebook page of the NCS on Sunday, October 4, Wale Adeniyi, customs public relation officer, advised Nigerians how not to fall prey of fraudsters who use various fake accounts.
Addressing all social media users, Adeniyi said that they should beware of fake names and accounts. When they see Facebook account bearing names like Nigeria Customs Authority, Nigeria Customs Auction Board, Nigeria Customs Immigration Service, Nigeria Authority On Customs, they can be sure that they are dealing with fraudsters.
Adeniyi also stressed that the NCS does not sell cars on any social media platform and does not offer recruitment on Facebook.  In a recent post, the NCS listed key facts that every social media user should bear in mind:
1.” If it were the way the public is misinformed, then every customs officer would be driving an exotic car. NCS officials work, earn salaries, and plan for life, just like you.
2. Auctions are not a function of just the NCS alone. There are a total of 18 government agencies involved in the public auctions of condemned vehicles.
3. NCS never advertises auctions on Facebook nor Twitter.
4. NCS has never offered jobs on social media.
5. NCS cannot transact any business using the personal bank account of any official.
Payments to NCS are made to designated banks and remitted to government. 6. Fraudsters feast on your gullibility, greed, or desperation. You have been warned…..DON’T BE A MUGU!” Watch the full video below: Of Fraudsters! – NCS Warns Nigerians