Confronting the bestiality and wickedness of Akpabio and the new slaves of Akpabioism?

By Inibehe Effiong.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Akwa Ibom will never be free from political, economic and cultural bondage as long as the selfish, nepotic and despotic character called Godswill Akpabio continues to force his evil will on the people of the State.

When I see young people worship the likes of Akpabio because of flimsy, petty and selfish reasons, I just feel pity for my generation.

Those who insulted and despised some of us in the past for exposing and rejecting the atrocities of Akpabio who they worshipped as their idol are now all over social media stupidly seeking underserved solidarity and sympathy from us.

They now suddenly want Inibehe Effiong to keep attacking Akpabio who they were willing to kill for a few months back. They keep asking why I no longer speak against Akpabio regularly as I used to do. These despicable characters feel they can control my advocacy.

Those who applauded me before now for constantly confronting the bestiality and wickedness of Akpabio are now the new slaves of Akpabioism.

Look at how partisan political interests has made people in my State act silly. No honour. No shame. No principle. It is all about the stomach.

I will never associate with the evil genius called Godswill Akpabio or anything that has to do with him but no psychopath can determine when or how I should express my mind.

It is my belief that integrity and honour are everything in this life. A man of honour should be consistent in his views.

If you once worshipped this same Akpabio while he was living his life of impunity in PDP, just keep your mouth shut. You cannot suddenly capitulate because Akpabio has transported his deformed ideology to APC.

We will continue to watch the mindless dance of shame between the APC and the PDP.

Effiong is a lawyer and right activist