Oshiomole Battles To Keep Seat As APC Governors Hit Suspension Gavel On Him

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) National  Chairman, Adams Oshiomole is fighting to maintain his seat as the chairman even as 15 governors which form the overall majority signed his suspension for what they called “abysmal leadership performance.”

The embattled APC chairman accused Senate President, Bukola Saraki of being the mastermind of the governors’ move to suspend him because he had vowed to remove him as the senate president.


“Saraki is instigating some APC governors and Senator to remove me as the chairman. He is joking because he can never succeed and I’m still on the move to remove him as the Senate President. He lobbied these disgruntled governors and senators  to remove. I will fight till the end” Oshiomole bemoaned. Image result for oshiomole adams

A source close to the beleaguered chairman told Mega Times News that Oshiomole has been in touch with President Buhari to intervene as his removal would mean his quitting the party which might signal a bad omen for Buhari’s second bid.

“Oshiomole has been in contact with President Buhari and has strongly appealed to him to intervene immediately as this is not the time to create a murky water for the president” the source said