Your Criminal, Fraudulent Acts Are Prosecutable, George Uboh Blasts SON DG

The Chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network [GUWN], Dr. George Uboh has blasted the Director-General of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Mr. Osita Anthony Aboloma over some “criminal acts” and “fraudulent activities” credited to him.

Reacting in an interview with ElombahNews on Wednesday, Dr. Uboh warned Mr. Aboloma that his criminal acts and fraudulent activities are prosecutable, hence he should come clean.

To the question on what informed his decision to accuse the SON Director-General of corruption, the whistleblower said:

“I have “overwhelming and irrefutable evidence” whistleblowers furnished me in my capacity as the GUWN Chairman.”

Director-General of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Osita Aboloma

When asked how he plans to defend those weighty allegations of preparing to flee from justice, violation of his oath of office, unholy alliance with Intertek, a front Company, among other things, he said:

“I plan to defend the allegations with the evidence in my possession. In my letter to Aboloma, I quoted the court case in the U.S. in which he sought residency and was denied.”

Uboh cited a particular case of Aboloma V. Colucci et al, 1:17-cv-01730, filed August 24, 2017, terminated January 11, 2018, Emmet G. Sullivan presiding, in which he was represented by Emmanuel Akpan.

According to the case proceedings, Aboloma sought U.S permanent residency under the $500,000:00 investments EB-5 immigrant Visa “while in office” but was turned down by the U.S. government.

In a previous report, ElombahNews reported that Mr. Aboloma found culpable in a plot to escape to the United States with loots illicitly acquired while in office.

The report showed that after Aboloma was turned down by the U.S. embassy, and not done with that, he is currently seeking Canadian permanent residence visa out of desperation to flee from justice.

In a letter dated Wednesday, October 17, 2018, GUWN alleged that the SON Director-General unjustly enriched himself while in office, sought U.S & Canadian Permanent Residency in preparation to flee from justice.

GUWN also accused him of violation of oath of office as he is operating two bank accounts in the U.S and one in Canada, as well as owning properties in Atlanta, Georgia.

Aboloma was also indicted in an unholy alliance with Intertek, a front company he uses to perpetrate fraudulent activities in office.