Sir, it is pertinent to let you know the danger of what you want to do. #Election is not rocket science; electoral victory is not achieve by magic, nor by prayer points. It is by Political calculation and numbers. No matter how powerful you are, you can only triumph with numbers…Oshiomole Oduaghan

Former governor of delta state Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has no electoral value cum political maladroit in delta state, unless ” *handpicked* ” by higher political power holders. He was handpicked by Ibori as commissioner, secretary to the state government and as a governor. He has never enthroned himself any internal or external political position.

First time of Uduaghan political permutations input in 2015 was a fiasco. When he could not as a seating governor to install his replacement.

As a seating governor in 2015, Uduaghan could not withstand senator James Manager for the pdp senate ticket, having the party structure to himself.

In 2018, prior to his midnight defection to Apc in August, Uduaghan, Hon. Michael Diden aka Ejele and James Manager were the major contenders for the pdp delta south senatorial ticket. Behold, the Itsekiri nation malcontent Uduaghan, rejected him and gave their full support to Ejele. Which was rumored that they (Itsekiri nation) asserted not to have confidence on him anymore. But unfortunately Ejele lost to Manager.

Sir, what makes you feel that Uduaghan who already lost home confidence will win elections in delta south?

How can someone with only 16 wards out the 87 wards that made up the delta south senatorial district win the general elections?

Sir comrade, how do you intend to win delta south senatorial position without the conaspiration of High Chief Michael Johnny, AVM Okorodudu Omatsola, Hon. Evans Omatsoguwa, and Dr. Austin Urette? Whose have structures across the across the 8 local government areas.

Dear Adams, your proposed choice of candidature is an error and cannot deliver. Have a rethink and do the right thing, if not you are saying that pdp should have her fifth term with ease.

But sir, if you insist it will be an exercise in futility and we will resist it to the last minute because we can’t afford to stay opposition for another four years in delta south senatorial district.