By Eneh John.

As the March 2, 2019 date, set aside by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) draws near, pundits, political analysts and the locals, have predicted a clear win for incumbent Akwa Ibom Governor, Mr. #UdomEmmanuel.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and hat

Dubbed as a performing incumbent, Governor Udom has not left anyone in doubt, with a blue print and giant strides of development, which hitherto had been paid a blind eye to by some sections of the opposition in the State.

Fundamentally, one is forced to ask the opposition party in Akwa Ibom State the following questions:

Your candidate is in the ring to challenge a performing incumbent.

What is the message of their candidate? What does he have to offer Akwa Ibom State?
What are the alternatives to the peace Akwa Ibomites enjoy under Governor Udom Emmanuel?
What are the alternatives to the industrialization in the State under the present administration? What are the alternatives to affordable and available health care, quality education etc.

What is the opposition candidate bringing to the table? No one should tell me what Udom has or hasn’t done. We know all that. What is his challenger bringing that is an alternative to changing a society previously almost 100% dependent on FAAC to an industrial hub in the subregion?

To support the campaign to remain in office for me is to look back at what he has done, the campaign promises on industrialization, improved health care, security, and the economy. These are campaign issues, which Governor Udom has fulfilled in his first term in office.

What the opposition in the State are rather banking on to attempt winning the governorship elections in Akwa Ibom, is the defection of the former Senate minority leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio to their factional camps.

I make bold to say that, Akwa Ibom people are not fools. One man cannot determine the destiny of our great state. The era of the Ukana cabal were long gone. Every Akwa Ibom son and daughter is a free born. We decide who governs us or lead us at a particular time.

The truth remains, on the day of the governorship elections, it will be operation deliver your unit. No one man will be voting in two polling booths.

To every sane Akwa Ibomite who detest dictatorship, Akpabio’s entry to the APC is a welcome development. Let him test his political might elsewhere, other than the PDP platform that made him.

My greatest challenge in all these episodes, is not Akpabio’s defection, but to sit back today to forecast that he will someday return to the same PDP he is denigrating. He has been going about evangelizing that the people he made are now against him.

If I may ask him, is he also not disrespecting and insulting the PDP that brought him from obscurity to limelight? Someday, it will be termed as political interest. But I tell you, that politicians who abandon the springboard of a party that brought them to power has no honour.

The opposition has not told us what they will do, but everyday, they boast of Federal might and Akpabio. They hurl insults at the Governor and try to intimidate supporters of his administration. No one shall intimidate us on the day of the ballot casting.

Together, we will return Udom Emmanuel for a second term in 2019.
We will keep going and doing right with him.

As it was in 2015 Governorship, so shall it be in 2019. May the blessings remain.


Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Editor, Trail Reporters News.