3 instant storyline changes that will happen after Roman Reigns’ unfortunate exit.

#RomanReigns relinquished the WWE Universal title on Monday Night RAW after admitting his battle with Leukemia. In one of the most emotional nights ever on WWE, Roman Reigns stepped down as the Universal Champion, taking time off from wrestling to continue his 11-year-old fight with Cancer.

It was a moist show all round, and everybody was shocked at the revelation, but harder times are ahead for the company to replace someone like Roman Reigns, who had primarily become the face of the company. It will definitely be hard to find the next wrestler who can fill Reigns’ shoes, and bring star power to the red brand

WWE has been criticised repeatedly over Roman Reigns’ relentless push, but now that The Big Dog won’t be hitting the ring anytime soon, and his return lies in jeopardy, WWE has to make things right.

It will be a huge task for the company, and WWE Creative will have to make some instant changes to their pre-planned storylines after the unfortunate exit.

Here are 5 instant storyline changes that might happen in WWE after Roman Reigns’ unfortunate exit

#2 WWE signing Brock Lesnar again

Lesnar's return?

Lesnar’s UFC fight is still almost a year away, if it’s happening, and considering the amount of time Lesnar likes to spend in the ring, it will hardly be any trouble for The Beast to sign a new contract with WWE.

Lesnar’s return at Hell in a Cell was a great surprise, until it was later revealed that he will feature in a Triple Threat match with Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. This was going to be Lesner’s rematch for the Universal title after the shocking defeat at SummerSlam.

With Roman Reigns out of the picture, and the idea of Strowman defeating Lesnar for the Universal Championship being speculated, WWE might be looking at the idea of booking Brock Lesnar as champion again.

The possibilities of Lesnar returning to have feuds with Drew McIntyre or Kurt Angle will be great for business.

3 instant storyline changes that will happen after Roman Reigns’ unfortunate exit

#3 McIntyre’s push to be hurried

The Scottish Psychopath

WWE has done a great job in pushing Drew McIntyre to the top of the race slowly and steadily. McIntyre made his debut as a teammate to Dolph Ziggler, and things looked a little weak as WWE fell under the criticism of many for ruining another great NXT prospect.

It only got better after that with McIntyre becoming the powerhouse of the stable, and also winning the Tag-Team Championship alongside Dolph Ziggler. He later went on to form a stable with Braun Strowman and Ziggler, The Dogs Of War.
But in a recent advancement, WWE has changed things, with McIntyre targeting Braun Strowman, which might potentially result in a Universal Championship match between the both of them after Crown Jewel.

WWE could have continued their slow and steady pace, but now that Roman Reigns’ is no longer competing, WWE might have to hurry McIntyre’s push into being the next big thing for WWE.

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