Who killed Madam Udonwa? Na Akpa… If You Put Bio, Na Your Wahala

…Dele Giwa and Akwa Ibom Man’s Mentality? Op-Ed

-Solomon Johnny.

Dele Giwa died over 25 years ago and you are still asking who killed him as if you don’t know IBBMarodona did. How his assassination does affects you and the future of Akwa Ibom State?Image result for Akpabio  godswill

Instead of asking who killed Dele Giwa, Ask about who killed Madam Philomina Udonwa, mother of Ini Ekong Charles Udonwa whose only sin was that she raised a global star who wanted to contest against Chief Godswill Akpabio in 2011. Ask about who assassinated Mrs Maria Ikpe who nursed similar ambition to contest against Akpabio, the Ekpeyong brothers who refused to sale their quarry at Nwanaiba to Akpabio, Paul Inyang who was planted by PDP NEC to replace Prince Uwem Ita Etuk to appease and reconcile Obong Attah to the party and Dr of Law, Joe Udonwa who represented Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency but taken by the 2007-2011 sword.

You worry about Dele Giwa but never spared a thought about Senator John Udoedehe, Group Capt Sampson Ewang. The two are BoT members of APC in Akwa Ibom State and known opposition leaders in Akwa Ibom State. Akpabio framed up John Udoedehe and charged him with treasonable felony, an offense which currently in Nigeria, if found guilty, the penalty is execution. Udoedede’s offence? He brought ACN and wanted to be governor against Akpabio. HE, Sam Ewang had his wife kidnapped by that same regime and over 400m was paid to secure the wife after 45 days in captivity. His offence? He wanted to be a governor against Akpabio under the ANPP and in fact, one of the conditions given for the release of the woman was that Ewang drops his ambition against Chief Akpabio. Akpabio is in APC today still in concert with his stooges to humiliate these founders of APC in Akwa Ibom State. You mean you worry more about Dele Giwa than you worry about John Udoedehe
and Group Capt. Ewang in the APC?

You worry about Dele Giwa but never worried about those who confiscated copies of Global Concord Newspaper several times, hunted its editors and succeeded in arresting and detaining Thomas Tomas for 37 days in DSS cell. Global Concord simply took a stand against Akpabio and his killing regime which had Ibibio leaders as clear target of elimination in his avowed ethnic cleansing which was to equalize, if not eliminate the Ibibio majority from the Akwa Ibom polity. The paper’s focus as well was promoting the progressive ideologies of AC/ACN/APC which was the visible alternative government to the then Akpabio anti people PDP. Where has your conscience gone to so that you talk about Dele Giwa but you don’t worry about the injustice, oppression, victimization meted out to leaders of Global Concord by the very people who did not want opposition to survive in Akwa Ibom State. Today, those who hunted for our lives claiming we were Editors of opposition newspapers in Akwa Ibom State, sit atop APC and ensured that those Editors of the paper who won nomination to the House of Assembly seats, have been robbed of their victory and are totally excluded from the party they co-founded and helped to be accepted in Akwa Ibom State.
Forget about Dele Giwa for a while and think about today’s IBB-Maradonas in Akwa Ibom State, their antecedents and the precedent they are setting. It has a way of affecting you tomorrow.

Please instead of asking who killed Dele Giwa, ask who killed the young Engineering graduate from Ukanafun and John Udoedehe supporters at different locations in the state on the day of the APC governorship nomination. Worry about why a retired Police officer should order his orderly to gun down a promising young man in order to be able to divert nomination materials to rig his aspirant in.
If you worry about these and ask questions and seek justice and action, you get my respect than asking who killed Dele Giwa many years after several investigations have revealed the killer.

Cheers great people