By Ubong Sampson

I decided to use the word “new” to separate those priding in the APC regalia today from the real APC identities we have known over the years.Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

Yes. Did you see the poorly concocted lies that was rushed to the social media yesterday about this picture?

That is the result of the trepidation that struck through the N-APC immediately they saw this picture in the media.

Reason(s)? Wait, I’m still on it.

1. How can Udom be sitting with the president at a time like this, when they’re expecting the president to be hating Udom and planning how to use “federal might” against him next year to “take over” Akwa Ibom or aid the Warsaw-ers in their “takeover” bid?

2. You know these people dwell in lies. They eat lies, sleep lies, drink lies, etc. So you can never imagine the kind of lies they go around telling the populace. Maybe something like: “Buhari has declared enmity with Udom. In fact, he has ordered Oshiomole to ensure Akwa Ibom is taken by fire by force. So don’t waste your vote for Udom.” They are scared that a photo like this will puncture their lies.

Very funny lie, right? If you can take power by force, why go beg for votes? Have you ever seen or heard of the military seeking votes from the masses before executing a coup?

3. You see, before the defection of our cerebral Sen. Godswill Akpabio (are you surprised? Don’t be! I am not part of the youths that insult elders because of political differences), their governorship candidate was never known to Buhari (not that anything has changed though). His appointment into the NDDC was backyard-ly orchestrated by Rotimi Amaechi. Hence, the president as a person was never directly involved in his business. I am sure the president only heard of his governorship bid recently when Akpabio and Ita Enang led him and over a hundred others to Aso Rock. Perhaps, they’ve been adding to their lies that their NDDC money bag has been rolling with the president, but they’ve never had a pictorial evidence to show. So this pictorial evidence from Udom’s media sect can be seriously rattling.

4. They’re scared this picture could tell the difference between rolling with THE PRESIDENCY and rolling with THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF. It’s common knowledge that the NDDC man’s office is under the VERY LARGE organisational umbrella of the presidency, while the governor is holding power in the state. BUT, the governor has direct access to the president and has a even made the presidential envoy to foreign trips on a few occasions, while the other man only has access to the presidency. Don’t forget that Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed are also part of the presidency o. Even Adams Oshomole, somehow, somehow o, is also an unofficial presidency.

5. Forget about that gutter talk about billboard and police arrest. We all know that so-called special police squad to Akwa Ibom is a backyard arrangement with the IGP. The president as usual IS NOT AWARE. That’s the same way we woke up one day to see special DSS squad deployed to the national assembly, at the end what happened? Perhaps they are also scared that Udom may have told the president that while he is in Aso Rock and NOT AWARE, there is a special police squad purportedly sent by the IG to Akwa Ibom, taking complaints from one political section of the state, and already arresting and detaining people without balanced hearing.

There are two or a few more I’d love to add, but let me leave it for another day.
So much fear for one photo!

I would love to borrow the words of Nsibiet John , but then, we all know why no man should and can play God.