Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder And The Saudi’s Dumbest Excuse

By Gimba Kakanda.

“Death in a fistfight” has to be the dumbest excuse, from the Saudis, in this killing of Jamal Khashoggi. The politics of Saudi Arabia’s seeming immunity in their dealings with western powers may just play out against them this time, because of the actors involved.

The House of Saud chose the wrong place and time to silence an enemy, for Turkey is a regional rival that will never agree to a conspiracy to get Saudi Arabia off the hook, and neither will Washington Post and other influential western media relent in fairly portraying Saudi’s authoritarianism as cruel as witnessed.

For the gullible who have been tricked into hailing Saudi as a representative of the Muslim, there’s no better time to begin this walk to an epiphany. This is a country that has been murdering its neighbour, a fellow Muslim country, as though they were rehearsing for a poorly-scripted war film.