Illiteracy: Buhari Signed Dissolution of NDDC Without Knowing

OpED…Amaechi conned Buhari

By Jinx Breaker Edet

OH NIGERIA….Say NO to a President that Has Brains Without Sense in 2019

ABOUT NDDC,Something funny happened recently in Aso Rock.

Rotimi Amaechi bypassed existing protocols and personally took a letter to Baba Buhari to sign. Buhari without understanding the implications of the letter signed the letter and Amaechi left.

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Amaechi did not have the power to announce the content of the letter, so his next step was to get the SGF (whom he had initially bypassed) to announce the content of the letter.

While trying to do this, news got to the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Malami, that Amaechi had got Buhari to sign an illegality that will cause confusion and unrest in the Niger Delta. Malami was furious. Knowing the implications of that illegality for the peace of the Niger Delta, Malami rushed to Buhari to confirm the rumor. Baba Buhari confirmed that he did signed a document for Amaechi.

After Malami explained the legal implications of what Baba had signed, Baba called Amaechi to show up immediately alongside the letter he had signed.

Amaechi showed up with the letter. After a stormy but brief debate between Amaechi and the AGF, Buhari retrieved the letter from Amaechi and destroyed it.

What was the content of the letter?

Part of the content of the letter was that;

1- Buhari had approved the dissolution of the NDDC Board.

2- An Ikwerre person (I believe it is Chidi Loyd) would become the Executive Director of Finance and Administration (EDFA) while the present Ogoni man Derek Mene (who happens to be the backbone of Senator Magnus Abe) would have been fired.

3- The Urhobo man, Executive Director of Projects (Engr. Adjogbe Samuel) would remain in office.

3- Since the current MD (who just won the APC governorship ticket in Akwa Ibom) would be resigning soon and since by convention the EDFA becomes acting MD when MD resigns, Amaechi’s calculation was that rather than allow Magnus Abe’s boy (Derek) become acting MD and have so much resources at his disposal, he rather dissolves the board and if not possible, replace Derek Mene with someone else before the MD resigns. Derek Mene is the only Sen. Magnus Abe loyalist that Amaechi has not been able to get to abandon the senator. He has threatened the guy with everything (sack, EFCC, etc), yet the guy would rather die and fail with Magnus than join Amaechi. If Amaechi is able to pull that single pillar off Magnus, Magnus would have suffered a major blow. Amaechi would rather allow the current MD of NDDC act as both Governor of Akwa Ibom and MD of the commission than let him resign and allow Derek become acting MD.

In summary, Amaechi drafted a document dissolving the board of the NDDC just for the sole reason of dealing with a political opponent, convinced Buhari to sign it and was at the stage of announcing it when the AGF stepped in and stopped him. It was the same strategy Amaechi used in moving the NDDC from the SGF office to the Ministry of Niger Delta. I heard that the AGF has also reversed that action.

By the time a new administration comes in tomorrow, I hope we will not find out that NEPA BILL has sold out Southern Nigeria to China and Northern Nigeria to Libya through his own ignorance.

Ignorance is a worst form of corruption. Baba keeps signing documents he does not understand because they are brought to him by close fellows.

Say NO to a President that has brains without sense