Buhari Bars Sowore From Speaking To Radio Nigeria

…Buhari is afraid of me.

Sowore accuses Donald Duke of supporting Abacha's regime

In apparent fear of exposing the corruption and rots in the present administration, President Muhamadu  Buhari today ordered the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria to stop the candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Mr. Omoyele Sowore from speaking in an arranged and agreed radio interview.

Sowore was billed to have an hour interview with the radio, but a few minutes to the talk show, order came from “above” to stop the interview.

The African Action Congress (AAC) candidate took to social media to express his disappointment of the last minute ditch by the Buhari administration which dreads opponents talking on radio and television as he is incapable of addressing or holding an interview.

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“FLASH: Bigwigs at Radio Nigeria Radio Nigeria (FRCN)  @frcnnews @radionigeria today canceled my 4pm interview at the Radio station in Abuja after they belatedly found out I was the one and that standing “orders from above” forbids having me on live radio. We will #takeitback through #sowore2019″