Transcript: Part of Former Gov. Uduaghan Conversation With Buhari On His Recent Visit


The outgoing governor of Delta State, Mr. Emmanuel Uduaghan recently visited President Buhari to ask for remission from corruption and formally requested permission to join the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Read part of their conversation below:

Uduaghan: Good day Sir. I came to ask you to forgive me. I have left that corrupt party.
Buhari: Which party are you now? And are you going to support me?
Uduaghan: Yes, Your Excellency. I want to join APC. I am going to contest as a senator too. And I will give you Delta State.
Buhari: Are you sure?
Uduaghan: Yes, Sir.
Buhari: Do you want anything else from me?
Uduaghan: Yes, Your Excellency. Ehmmm. EFCC.
Buhari: What happened?
Uduaghan: Your Excellency, they ask me to come to their office next week.
Buhari: For what? Don’t worry. I will call Magu now and tell him to add your name to the list of repented criminals and the whitelist.
Uduaghan: Thank you, Your Excellency. I am so grateful. I can now sleep with both eyes closed.
Buhari: You are welcome, my son.

Uduaghan meet Buhari