Ekpo nnyóhó, Ekpo Udom, and the rest of us….

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It was a very sunny Saturday, some days after the so called APC governorship primary in Akwa Ibom State. I was broke and needed to raise some cash to take care of myself so that I would not die of hunger.
I approached Imo Udoima for a business idea, and he told me to partner with him in his ekóóñ business, that that’s what gives him little change in addition to #Informer. I was not surprised at all because I know the Duke of Uyo can’t joke in serious matters.
He gave me his masks and attached two of his boys to me. We stepped out. We took the game to Solomon’s house where I thought we could intimidate him to bring out at least N2000.00, but, believe me, the guy, perhaps was in spirit, realised I was among the masquerades. Instead of giving me money, he opted for scriptures…
“Da owo, afo ukpu’ kpóñ mkpó ‘mi e?” was what Solo told me. He said, “the Bible says, ‘be not wise in your own way, fear the Lord and depart from evil'”. He went on to tell me that “a day will come when all evil men will be dealt with by God himself in a ruthless way”. As soon as he said this, I took my mind back to what happened on 30th September, 2018 where I saw police orderly allegedly attached to Mr. Udom Ekpudom shot my friend – the Etim Ekpo LGA Coordinator of MAMSA, who was, until his death, an Agent of Sen. John Udoedehe  in the guber primary. Then I asked Solo in a baritone voice of Ekpo nnyóhó if God will kill Ekpoudom the same way he (Ekpoudom) allegedly killed Emmanuel Asuquo just because he refused to support Nsima Ekere whom the retired DIG supports; but he said ALL EVIL MEN will be punished soon.

There are lots of evil men in our State, especially in APC, that deserve to be brutally punished. They should be punished now not until they finish killing innocent citizens of the State for their inordinate ambitions.
Why should people kill for power? Why should a cabal keep tormenting and terrorizing the people? Why should certain faces keep recycling in our corridor of power? Why should we allow them to stand on our heads? Why should we keep cheering them as though they are the change and Messiahs we were waiting for? Why do some people celebrate them as the solutions to our chronic political problems whereas they are the problems…? Why do we clap for our common enemies instead of stoning them?
The more I look at our society, I’m afraid, I’m seeing that we are moving round a circle, and we will keep moving round and within a circle if we don’t stamp our feet and move against these evil men who are disguising as angels of light, whereas they are lions in sheep clothing…

But, jokes apart, who says Ekpo society is bad? It is better than Christianity as practiced in this part of the globe. Ekpo society men will not conspire against one another, but christians do. No Ekpo society man will go out with another man’s wife, but Christian, even their pastors, do. An ekpo man will not kill another Ekpo man, yet our so called christians do – a case in point is Ekpoudom who allegedly supervised the killing of that young graduate from his home LGA just because he wants to continue to lord it over others. I wonder why he could not assume this power while in PDP. I wonder what an old man is looking for in politics- A man who is nearer to the grave than the slain young engineer; a man who is a few inches away from his ancestors!

Is there anyone out there who believes that Akpabio and his gang are out to salvage the State? Such a one should have his or her brain xrayed.

…to be continued.