“Ogbong” instead of Obong.

Caveat: *nothing against the Igbos, just talking common sense.*

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For the past two weeks my last article on the gang up of foreign wives against a daughter of the soil; Martha Udom Emmanuel has been very engaging with Akwaibomites giving nods to the reality of the plea encapsulated in the piece. Its been obvious that others saw the plaguing situation but for political correctness we would rather keep quiet and let things be so as not to be viewed as being “tribalistic” and inciting, yet on the contrary pointing out certain ills rather than bottling up angst remains the best way to moving forward in our different mentally ingrained territories. It’s believed that these culprits (forgive me here for this seem to be the best word to describing their unbridled desires) of daughter in-laws will respect the essence of our hospitality and give us some honour while supporting their husbands (our brothers) intelligently as well as taking into cognisance our general feelings of their wanton usurping of grace in quick successions. Should I then apologize for being so blunt on this matter? No, someone must obviously tell us things in their raw forms in the language of common sense, no thanks to Senator Ben Bruce.
Do we have Akwa Ibom daughters as First Ladies in our sister states? Have we had them as First Ladies? Obviously in the affirmative. Have they ever ganged up in the order of Unoma and Ese against another first Lady and her husband from completing the ritualistic second term? What crime has Martha Udom Emmanuel committed against Unoma Akpabio that she feels no shame but pride in standing shoulder high with Another Igbo woman in such quick succession to campaign against the girl child in Martha Udom Emmanuel?Nsima Ekere spelt wrongly by foreign writer, maybe from the wife zone
What hatred, what vengeance, what frustration, what petty meddling, what reckless politicking, what desperation to remain for ever relevant, what inability to accept the glory of another. Martha Udom Emmanuel must have her second term as first lady just as Unoma did, Ese can wait, this must be respected for the sake of every Akwa Ibom girl child.

For eight years with Unoma as first lady our Igbo In-laws took advantage of our Civil Service employ, little wonder we had them in our state employ more than those from Oro Nation and the Ibibios, this generated silent revolt. Have we forgotten how our street names were wrongly spelt because the contractor was Igbo? I suspect the absence of these privileges within this past three years has frustrated our sisters in-laws to the point of throwing caution into the win and holding rallies against reasons. A closer look at Obong Nsima Ekere campaign bus, you will see the same trend as ” *Ogbong*” the Igbo accent and pronunciation has taken over from the cradle of Nsima campaign.

My humble plea, allow our daughter complete her terms with pride. We know how powerful some women are,even more pushy than their men, we fear the wickedness against Akwaibomites in the past would have been less if first Lady’s acquaintances were part of the victims.
Today the Akwa Ibom State government is employing AkwaIbomites into her civil service employ with zero foreign employs because its an error for the soup to finish before the owner of house even have a taste of patrimony. This is the pride of territories which we must applaud. Before 2015 we complained of foreigners taking over our jobs but we could do nothing because the mother Theresa was generous to her people as pundits claim, a detriment to us and Romeo was too in-love to apply caution. If you are yet to apply, click this link and do the needful

Can you imagine how many of our in-laws are billionaires today because of the eight years of Unoma as first lady? Yet she is not satisfied to leaving Martha alone but shamelessly gangs up with Ese to truncate our eight years by all means so another Igbo woman would take over. What hatred, what greed, what lack of consideration, what zero empathy.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
The Igbo community in Akwa Ibom State, should as a matter of necessity arise in the defence of our hospitality and endorse the second term bid of Governor Udom Emmanuel and our daughter, knowing that we have been this generous, they should not silently wish another Igbo woman becomes a first Lady in such quick succession against the wish of our territory and the logic of common sense for our eternal bonding should be stronger than the greed of temporal political victory.

*Micheal Joseph Okon* is a Public Affairs Analyst