Buhari’s Government is a Mess, Stand Up and #Resist – Prof Soyinka


Literary icon, and Nobel Laureate, Professor #WoleSoyinka has called on Nigerians to stand up and resist what he called the militarization of democracy in Nigeria by the Buhari’s government. Prof Wole Soyinka

In a terse release, the Literary giant said Nigeria has never witnessed this kind of government be it military or civilian. He expressed angst over he what he called jungle election conducted by the National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Ekiti and Osun states where police were used to intimidate voters and barred some people in a bias bid to frustrate opposition in favour of the ruling party thereby disenfranchising the people

Read below part of his release:

Nigeria is now witnessing an illusive democracy hoisted by the tyrannical regime of President Buhari. This government is worse than any military junta we have ever seen in this country. It’s high time progressive Nigerians rose up and vehemently resisted this despotic and macabre government of Buhari. The Ekiti and Osun jungle elections are a good pointer. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must protect this country and our democracy.